Rich Lowry

Op-ed: The Sessions smear

NAACP officials have already been arrested in an anti-Jeff Sessions protest. The Alabama senator’s confirmation battle as attorney general is sure... Read more

Op-ed: The nation's abattoir

The city of Chicago is conducting a long, bloody experiment in what happens to a gang-ridden municipality in the absence of effective policing.... Read more

Op-ed: Time to defund the U.N.

We’ve come a long way from Daniel Patrick Moynihan excoriating the U.N.’s 1975 “Zionism is racism” resolution in one of the finer exhibits of... Read more

Op-ed: Baby, let's not ruin everything

A Christmas standard since the 1940s, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is an uncommonly catchy and witty song that is now — incredibly enough —... Read more

Op-ed: The conventional threat to Trump

Donald Trump was supposed to take over the Republican Party, but the question going forward will be whether the Republican Party takes over him.... Read more

Op-ed: Only Hillary to blame for her loss

The Democrats have a simple explanation for Hillary Clinton’s loss — the Russians did it.

The party that has had a decadeslong soft spot... Read more

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