Rich Lowry

Op-ed: How the NFL lost to Trump

Donald Trump isn’t exactly on a winning streak, but he is beating the NFL in a rout.

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Op-ed: The great regulatory rollback

One by one, the artifacts of President Barack Obama’s rule by administrative fiat are tumbling.

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Op-ed: Tillerson should go

If Secretary of State Rex Tillerson resigned, how would anyone know?

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The passionate non sequiturs of the gun debate

The mind boggles at the horror of Las Vegas, where Stephen Paddock perched himself in the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay and sprayed bullets... Read more

Op-ed: The GOP identity crisis

The Republican Party can’t pass Obamacare repeal, but it can nominate Roy Moore.

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Op-ed: ‘Sovereignty’ is not a dirty word

To listen to the commentary, Donald Trump used an inappropriate term at the U.N. — not just “Rocket Man,” but “sovereignty.”... Read more

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