Rich Lowry

Op-ed: The agony of The Wall

Build that wall! Eventually. Or at least patch up some existing fencing. If Chuck and Nancy will agree.

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Op-ed: Turn off the TV, Mr. President

Donald Trump is the first president in U.S. history to have been baited into undermining his own negotiating position by negative TV coverage.... Read more

Op-ed: Trump’s insubordination problem

Donald Trump told us that he’d hire the best people. He didn’t mention that he’d be unable to fire them.... Read more

Op-ed: Trump’s evil empire

For many Republicans, what matters most about Donald Trump is that he’s demonstrated resolve against the enemy — not the Islamic State or the Taliban,... Read more

Op-ed: Yes, work for Trump

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin took the highly unusual step over the weekend of publicly explaining why he won’t resign.

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Op-ed: Mothball the Confederate monuments

Robert E. Lee wasn’t a Nazi, and surely would have had no sympathy for the white supremacist goons who made his statue a rallying point... Read more

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