Rich Lowry

Op-ed: Buy off Trump with the wall

There is a very easy way for Democrats to get major concessions from President Donald Trump on immigration: Give him his wall.

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Op-ed: Yes, take Oprah seriously

If Hillary Clinton could deliver a political speech half as effectively as Oprah Winfrey, she might be president today.

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Op-ed: The Trumpist gets trumped

Steve Bannon just got Jeff Flaked.

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Op-ed: A righteous campaign against MS-13

Donald Trump is given to lurid rhetoric, and in the MS-13 gang he has finally met a subject beyond his ability to exaggerate.

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Op-ed: The man who saved civilization

This year’s best movie about a spirited band of resisters fighting an empire of evil isn’t the latest entry in the “Star Wars” franchise, but... Read more

Op-ed: Nancy Pelosi’s tax apocalypse

To listen to the Democrats, the American middle class will be lucky to survive the Republican tax bill.

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