Rich Lowry

Op-ed: Rod Rosenstein has botched the Mueller probe

Rod Rosenstein is doing a star turn as principled defender of the law, but he’s performed abysmally as deputy attorney general, and President Donald Trump... Read more

Op-ed: Hold the Nobel Peace Prize

Who would have guessed that a Trump crowd 15 months into his presidency would be chanting, “Nobel! Nobel! Nobel!”

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Judges for the #resistance

There is a lawlessness rampant in the land, but it isn’t emanating from the Trump administration.

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Op-ed: A farewell to the WASPs

The memorial service for Barbara Bush over the weekend marked the passing of an era.

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Op-ed: The Republican high-water mark

If Republicans aren’t losing their congressional majority this coming fall, they are doing a good job of acting like it.

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Op-ed: The last special counsel

Donald Trump shouldn’t fire Robert Mueller, but Mueller should be the last special counsel.

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