Rick Cupp

Voices of Faith: We can all be superheroes

Here’s a quote: “Morning by morning I will destroy all the wicked in the land.” It’s a wonderful quote. Doesn’t it resonate with the part... Read more

Voices of Faith: Decide how to give, and be a cheerful giver

Jesus says it is better to give than to receive. So how would you respond to these situations?

It’s 8:00 p.m. You’ve just finished supper.... Read more

Voices of Faith: Experience, good and bad, makes us who we are

My last root canal went great! There was no pain nor even any discomfort. Or at least there was none that I can remember. My... Read more

Voices of Faith: 'Do I live in a livable world'

I have been involved in two car accidents when I was the driver. The first was a minor fender-bender when I was still a teen,... Read more

Life comes with some assembly required

There are three magic words known to anyone who has bought toys, furniture, bikes and almost anything short of a box of cereal: Some Assembly... Read more

Season is a reminder of Jesus' plan for the afterlife

I am thankful for the birth of Jesus for many reasons.

I was reminded of one when reading Discover magazine’s December issue of the top... Read more

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