Rick Cupp

Season is a reminder of Jesus' plan for the afterlife

I am thankful for the birth of Jesus for many reasons.

I was reminded of one when reading Discover magazine’s December issue of the top... Read more

Dear Abby has a piece of good advice

In September of this year a Dear Abby column ran that really shook me up. Apparently, in an earlier column a woman had written in... Read more

Cultivate 'a new aesthetic of slowness'

The 1830s. Trains are picking up speed. New technology is leading to new limits. But how fast is too fast? It becomes clear that the... Read more

Give thanks in all circumstances

It’s time once again to celebrate our nation’s independence! Will you do so with parades, picnics, parties or prayers? Will you gather with family or... Read more

The stars are all around us

An author writes of a close friend and her intriguing encounter.

She spent her summers in a small town in Vermont where Paul Newman was... Read more

Where it counts, we are all brothers

Let me ask you a question. Answer quickly, without giving it much thought.

Are you of the same race as Tiger Woods, yes or no?

My guess... Read more

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