Roger Campbell

The good news about temptation

Yielding to temptation can be costly. A moment of weakness may bring years of regret. It is dangerous to take temptation lightly.

Moses led his... Read more

Voices of Faith: All things are possible with God

Recently, a surprising news report about the future of United States military forces caught my attention. In a nutshell, the conclusion of these experts was... Read more

Change may be only a prayer away

Here’s how to be perfectly miserable: focus on everything negative in your marriage, your church, your job or business and conclude there’s no way of... Read more

Enjoy the sound of silence

How much noise can you pump into your head before you begin to drown out God’s voice? This question introduces a timely article by Joseph... Read more

Develop a blind eye and a deaf ear

In his book, “LECTURES TO MY STUDENTS,” the still highly regarded nineteenth century minister, C.H. Spurgeon, wrote: “I have one blind eye and one deaf... Read more

Give thanks for changing seasons

“This is like driving in a beautiful painting!” Pauline exclaimed while we were on one of our annual October color tours. Well said!

The brilliant blending... Read more

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