Sue Ade

Thankful for pumpkin in cheesecake and flan

I’ve made pumpkin pie from scratch – that is, with a filling that’s made with fresh pumpkin. It’s a lot of work and to be... Read more

Taking a break from gluten tastes – and looks – delicious

Last week’s column on natural sugar alternatives sparked many requests for ideas for gluten-free baking, especially with the holidays approaching. Baking gluten-free is not as... Read more

Low sugar + naturally sweet = 'groundbaking' book

In late August, just seven months after the United States Department of Agriculture released new guidelines aimed at reducing the amount of sugar consumed by... Read more

Comfort food for family and friends – pot roast for supper, a Bundt for dessert

For many, comfort food doesn’t get much better than pot roast with mashed potatoes and gravy. Cooked stovetop, it won’t take long for the aroma... Read more

Party Hearty with Ribs, Beans and Chocolate Cake

The next time you are asked to contribute a dish for a party, potluck, church supper or some other gathering, the recipes here for ribs,... Read more

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