Toby Burke

Kenai Peninsula seniors should pay their fair share

I flatly reject the popular and patently false narrative fostered by many that our country’s senior citizens are just barely getting by, subsisting on dog... Read more

Refuge Notebook: Records fall during 115th Christmas Bird Count

A consistently warmer than normal November and December, with scattered days and even nights above freezing, resulted in a mid-winter landscape exhibiting a dearth of... Read more

K-Beach residents not getting equal treatment

K-Beach residents and developers exhibited poor judgment and should be faulted, no, punished, for building near or in former wetlands where water tables had fallen... Read more

K-Beach residents looking for flooding solutions

Many property owners affected by the 2012 and 2013 greater Kaliforsnky Beach area flooding have been patiently biding their time, waiting for Borough government to... Read more

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