Posted June 3, 2011 05:35 pm - Updated June 3, 2011 08:22 pm

Everything old is new again

With the new website up and running, it's been rather hectic here in the New Media department.

The Technological Age has increased society's appetite for On-Demand Media, so it's important that we find ways to streamline our publishing process.

Currently, we're following similar steps as before: Open the digital version of a page, copy-and-paste text, attach images, publish to web. However, with the old site, we had tools available which allowed us to publish the entire day's content as a batch.. rather than having to deal with each story individually.

This is just temporary, however, as we are also in the process of providing our Reporters and Editors with new tools that they can use to put stories directly online. Once that transition is done, we'll be able to publish stories to the website each morning with just a few clicks.

In years past, stories wouldn't be available online until around 10:00 AM. In the last year, we've improved our process quite a bit.. Prior to the launch of this new site, we were getting stories up right around 9:00 AM. Once the new system is fully in-place, it would be possible to have those stories appear at 8:00 AM sharp (Editors willing). Also at the Editors' discretion: Stories could even be published online before the newspaper itself is delivered in the morning!

As we explore our new website's features and familiarize ourselves with its limitations, we'll be looking at new and exciting ways to provide a modern web browsing experience to our users.


We welcome your input, ideas, suggestions, and design ideas.

Websites are constantly evolving, and a great design is the result of hundreds (sometimes thousands) of small tweaks and changes over time. If you see something that's out of place, or doesn't line up quite right.. please let us know!