Posted June 7, 2011 03:12 pm

Taming the beast

Out of everything we've experienced with the new site, one of the more frustrating things is dealing with leftovers.

We didn't receive a fresh, clean website.. it was copied from the Juneau Empire's installation. Why? Because it was a working installation.

However, that meant a great deal of effort had to be made to clean out anything related to Juneau — their articles, custom configurations, and a myriad of special pages.

Most of this was done by the corporate team during the initial build of our site, and once we received the Beta site, it was up to us to finish the job.

Sounds great on paper, but considering that we here in New Media were fairly new to the software, it meant that we would often spend an hour or more wandering through the administration menus trying to find the correct entry to change. Some are harder to find than others, and at least two items we've found were hard-coded and couldn't be fixed by us.

There are many sections that just don't display correctly, even though they've been set up exactly like another section that appears exactly how we want it. Not being familiar with the Drupal CMS, it's a bit stressful trying to get everything fixed up.

Little by little, page by page, we're working diligently to improve the design and layout of our new website.