Posted October 16, 2012 03:45 pm - Updated June 7, 2013 05:13 pm

O Fortuna

Piotr, buried in muddy snow.

The first day it snows in earnest in Kenai and I pilot Piotr directly into a ditch.

Maybe it’s for the best.

I had no business driving on solid ice in a rear-wheel drive baby rig with bald tires and no weight in the back; a fact I was reminded of when I saw four rollover accidents on my way to work.

I was listening to Carmina Burana, the emotionally potent Carl Orff creation that has been in the background for everything from Super Bowl commercials to the Conan movies. 

It is epic, my ditch-dive was not.

Unless you call a 40 mph vaguely controlled (as much as I could on ice skate wheels) bump into a muddy embankment, epic.

But, most of you have been here long enough to know better than ditch your truck a mile from home and directly in front of your roommate. Incidentally, he has yet to stop laughing.

Fortuna, by the way, is the Roman goddess of luck and fortune.  She brings both good and bad luck.

I’ve not decided which one I received this morning but considering my lack of injury and the willingness of folks around here to help out, I think I escaped with everything but my dignity intact.

So, I’ll probably spend the rest of my week finding things to weigh my beleaguered truck down, outfitting him with better tires and equipping him with a tow rope and road flares.  This may have been my first time in a ditch, but I’m sure it won’t be my last.

In other news, I ran my first half-marathon last weekend in Anchorage.  I started in shoes, but ended up running the bulk of it barefoot.  Like a boss. 

Unlike a boss, however, neither I nor my running mates did any sort of training. We were banking on our innate athleticism and stubbornness to get through.  We weren’t even last.

I’ll probably run in the 5k Spook Night zombie run at the Tsalteshi Trails , so you can find me there.  If it isn’t too icy, that one will probably be sans shoes as well.  One of these days I’ll hunt down the Vibram I lost while moving up here.

We rewarded ourselves post-run with spicy Thai food — a cuisine Kenai is sadly lacking — and a visit to Title Wave books.   Where I proceeded to spend money I had saved for proper winter transportation on a stack of photo books.

Before you roll your eyes too far into the back of your head, I’ve managed to make a connection between the two incidents and will be avoiding bookstores in the near future, or at least until I can drive down the road without being pwnd by wimpy October snow.