Alaska Waste purchase official

The California-based, publically-traded company Waste Connections announced its purchase of Alaska Waste Monday.


Alaska Waste, an environmentally-conscious garbage collection company that serves more than 60,000 customers across the state, sold to the national company that serves more than two million customers in 29 states.

Spokesperson for Alaska Waste Kevin Bruce said he doesn't expect the sale to change services or rates for customers.

"I don't believe it will in the short term," Bruce said. "I'm not sure if (Waste Connections) is going to do a new rate phase any time soon because we just finished one last year."

Bruce said that all of the employees currently working with Alaska Waste are expected to remain with the new company, and that customers will see the same people performing their trash pick-ups and handling their billing as they have in years past.

"You may see changes in truck colors," Bruce said, "but I think people will mostly just see what they have today."

Alaska Waste began in 2003 when a group of investors purchased the assets of a small company and began the operation with only a few trucks on the road. In 2005, it acquired additional assets from Waste Management and grew more rapidly.

"It was always thought of as an investment," Bruce said of the plan to start the company. "They weren't long term managers or professionals in waste management. They just saw an opportunity."

As Alaska Waste continued to thrive, the company began to implement various green initiatives regarding the collection, transfer, disposal and recycling of waste. It started the state's first curbside recycling program - which now serves 7,000 customers - and first commercial composting operation of green consumer waste.

The company also developed Alaska's first large-scale biodiesel plant, which produces 200,000 gallons of biodiesel a year used to fuel its own fleet of trucks.

Bruce said that Waste Collections is dedicated to continuing this eco-friendly mission and will continue to support green programs.

"They very much wanted that," Bruce said of Waste Collections. "They have recycling and green waste initiatives in their current operations, and so this is very much part of what they are interested in."

Alaska Waste currently has an annual revenue of $65 million.

Bruce said that the value of the sale was not disclosed due to "factors involved" that might adjust the price at closing. When Waste Collections files with the Regulatory Commission of Alaska they will need to disclose the ultimate sale price at the time of filing, though Bruce does not know exactly when that will be.

A press release issued by Waste Connections said closing is expected to occur in the first quarter of 2012.


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