We made it!

Happy New Year! If you are reading this, congratulations, the holidays are over! How was it? Did you make it out OK? Usually it’s easy for me to observe the holiday chaos. This year the Christmas cheer hit my house in a mellow way, so my face was buried in cookbooks, crafting, and being a hermit with my kids. It’s like I fell into a portal and landed in the 1950s. Also with the power going out quite a bit the past months, lighting good old-fashioned candles was nice and vintage (and made the house smell good). What appropriate timing for those who own menorahs! My Christmas festivities were pretty good this year. Since it’s Christmas break the kids are out of school, a lot of us remember that we, indeed, have children! During the kids’ school year we see them early in the morning at that ungodly hour (unless you’re a morning person? — unacceptable), then see them again around what feels like dinner time. So it’s nice to actually see my daughter during the day. It almost makes me wish she was home-schooled so I’d get to see her more often, but then I wouldn’t have public school to blame for her upbringing. I would have to start taking responsibility for my not very Christmas-y words that rarely (regularly) come out of my mouth and own up to my parenting advice. “I didn’t teach you to hit back! Some kid on the playground must’ve taught you that. (But don’t forget, after you hit them, make sure it’s hard enough to knock them out, then run really fast).” During this Christmas break I’ve realized my 6-year-is old has matured in her demeanor. When she beat me at playing Crazy Eights a couple times, she said, “Maybe we should just play Go Fish.” Like she was doing me a favor. She’s growing and learning new things, so I had her come along with me to the doctor’s office for my diabetic maintenance. It was overall a good experience, but the bloodwork part was a little intense. Even I was shocked that when the log of a needle went into my arm, it was collecting blood so rapidly that it looked like mini red fireworks were exploding into the vials. We both did pretty good, although for some reason I wanted to yell, “Brains!” On the way home I asked her what made her want to come with me and she said, “So you wouldn’t be alone.” I’m not sure if I’m one of those moms who claps and praises their kids when they do stuff no one really cares about, but I found that statement pretty profound. It was super sweet and I am proud. It’s encouraging seeing her character being built up. It happened so fast. It’s like when you open your fridge and are wondering how you got there in the first place. You don’t even know why you decided going there was a good idea. It’s like you teleported there on accident and aren’t even sure if you’re hungry. One thing is for sure, you walk away satisfied and grateful. I was surrounded by other proud mamas at a little Christmas party. Most parents think their kids are beams of light that radiate with artificial perfection ... so that’s always nice. I didn’t really know anyone, but can riff a decent conversation, I just need to remember to speak “adult” sometimes. For instance, a girl knocked over a plate and I think I said, “Oopsy poopsies.” If you are elite and say you won’t do baby talk, you will. You will find yourself with a group of adults and the second someone slips on the ice you will say, “Did someone hurt their baby bunsies? Beep beep.” I don’t do baby talk anymore (lie). Bottom line: I wouldn’t be suitable in a biker gang. Here’s the thing, Christmas break is coming to an end. We all had a nice time seeing the family we only see once a year and being civilized for one day (or at least making the attempt). Most of us will miss our kiddos as they go back to school. Time to start thinking about how many New Years resolutions we’re going to make and how long it’s going to take before we cave. Maybe instead of focusing on improving ourselves in physical ways (although after all those cookies it’s not a bad idea), we could work on our overall well-being by being creative, reading more, finding new hobbies, healthier recipes, spending more time with loved ones, or just simply writing down things that inspire us. And hey, good news! If you’re reading this, we are officially into the year 2012 and already beat the Mayans! The year is off to a great start, so enjoy! Kasi McClure enjoys being a wife and mother of two in Kenai. She can be reached at columnkasi@gmail.com.


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