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Be prepared for spiritual emergencies, too

Voices of Religion

Posted: September 27, 2012 - 11:29am  |  Updated: September 28, 2012 - 8:24am

September has been set aside as Prepared Readiness month. Just how prepared should we be for emergencies?

Just the other day, we had a power outage around 7:30 a.m. at our house. My wife and I are all about being prepared for power outages, so we had our flashlights located in easy to find areas throughout the house. I made it to the flashlight on the nightstand immediately, so I thought I was pretty smart. Only problem, the batteries were very low, so I started scrabbling for the next flashlight location before my light went out!

Being prepared for an emergency is important. The batteries need to be checked in the flashlights and radio and replaced as needed. If you have a gas powered generator, you need to check and make sure it works from time to time, and the gasoline needs to be freshened ever so often with stabilizer added to keep it fresh. Your food needs to be rotated so you have fresh food in case you need it. All these things take time and need to be updated to be prepared for just about anything.

Being prepared for emergencies is very similar to being prepared spiritually for things unexpected also. Just because we have read the bible now and again and go to church on a regular basis, are we really prepared for a spiritual emergency? Are our spiritual batteries charged and ready at all times? How about the spiritual food bank? Are we freshening up with fresh Manna daily?

Even though the Doom’s Dayers may be going a little over board on the end of the World scenario being sooner than we think, but, what should we do to prepare ourselves for the end just in case they are right? Didn’t Jesus say we should be like the 5 Virgins who kept their oil lamps full? (Matt. 25:10) And, just the thought of Jesus coming soon, it’s not a bad idea anyway?

Think of it, if Jesus came soon, the chosen children of God would be raptured to Heaven as the bible says, “ in the twinkling of an eye.” (1 Corinthians 15:52.) For them it would be really cool. They would all be joined together with Jesus, go get their new Heavenly bodies and never have to worry ever again about anything. They would all live in the Heavenly Palace with angels to serve them all day and night. They will enjoy a banquet dinner like no one could ever imagine here on earth, not even a king or queen. There would be no hunger, no sickness, no suffering, no pain or anything we experience in this life that causes us to fret. It would be paradise for eternity. Where do we sign up, or is there a catch to it all? Does it sound too good to be true? Does this make you feel a little uneasy at all?

You know, maybe we are thinking, “I don’t think I want to leave earth just yet. I’m pretty happy with the way things are going. I just got promoted in my job and I’m loving what I do. It pays real great and the benefits are awesome!

Or, maybe you just got married and want to spend some time with your new spouse? Or, you just had a baby and want to see your baby grow up and enjoy watching them have children too? Or, you just bought that dream home overlooking the river and the mountains and haven’t had time to enjoy that yet. Or, you might think,” I’ve just retired and I’d like to travel more and see places I’ve always dreamed of.” What about all this stuff we want to do first before Jesus comes?

If we do go to Heaven just like that with Jesus, we may also find ourselves separated from our friends here on earth. We may find ourselves with people we really didn’t plan on spending eternity with; People we don’t really like to spend time with now or even live in the same neighborhood as they do.

I know a lot of us kind of feel this way. Do we even know what Heaven is going to be like? Are you sure it’s worth it? Are there any other options if there are any?

WOW! Have we all gone mad? St. Paul would say, “Who has mesmerized you?” ( Galatians 3:1).

Preparing one’s self for heaven is like packing your bags to go on a very long vacation. We need to really prepare ourselves now for what could come like a thief in the night. No one knows the hour or the day when Jesus could come and take the Chosen Christians with Him. And, the Lord says that the number of people going to Heaven with Him will be limited anyway. Jesus said that many are the people who choose to go the road that leads to Hell and only a few will even find the way that leads to eternal life. (By the way, that narrow road has many difficulties along the way. (Matt. 7: 13-14)

I got an email the other day from someone I barely know. Her spouse passed away and she said,” I hope he makes it into Heaven.” I hate to say it, but if by the last breath, you don’t know for sure one is going to heaven or not, you probably don’t want to know the outcome anyway.

We all need to get prepared. The bible says that the time is short. In fact, many are saying,” I thought we had more time.”

There is only one door we can pass through, and Jesus has shown us the door. If we don’t know where the door is by now, we will be most likely like the woman who wasn’t sure where her husband was going after he died. “Prepare yourselves now, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.” (Mark 1:5)


Mark Conway is an evangelist living in Sterling with his wife Maryna. They host a Christian retreat center and a house of prayer there.

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northernlights 09/28/12 - 09:08 am

You really need to study I and II thess. Its written to the body of believers, its the gathering and all hell isnt going to stop us from going there. You are not rightly dividing the Word. The gospels are written for our learning, not directly to us. Read Acts. After the ascention, its a completly new era administration. We get born again, receive holy spirit and our hope is the return of Christ. After the gathering, (read thess) then then...time involved. there will be two resurrections, one for the just and one for the unjust. People fail to rightly divide the Word of God, you pick scriptures out of context to suit your teaching. The Epistles are written to us, yet people want to live during the time Jesus walked, and they never get passed the cross, death, Sin is magnified above the savior. You are held responsible before God with your teachings. How disgraceful that the greatest thing for all of us to look forward to, which is the hope, and you have confused it with resurections. Read Ephesians, its written directly to us, very few so called teachers of the Word know anything about Act, Romans and Ephesians, because they dont understand the new birth. Get past the cross! Christ did, you should to.

northernlights 09/28/12 - 09:14 am
one more thing

I'm printing off your letter to show our small group of believers how people continue to wrongly divide the Word of God, instill fear and confusion. God is not the author of fear, nor does he ever instill fear. Perfect love casts out fear, fear has torment. You are tormenting people into thinking that they are not saved and must work for it. That is a lie. Chapter and verse, and I will read it line by line, in its context, and to whom its written to. I dare you to give me the verses.

Norseman 09/28/12 - 12:17 pm

"Trouble no one about religion; respect others in their views and demand that they respect yours."
Chief Joseph

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 09/28/12 - 01:49 pm
What ever Northernlights

I understodd every word that Mark wrote as i read it and believe he has his eternity figured out as it all depends on God and Jesus the Christ as anyones only hope and that all those that belong to Jesus should always be looking up for our Lords return for his spiritual bride, the TRUE Christians know as the Church, as Titus 2:13 says for us to do.
As for being a spreader of fear or gloom & doom by warning people to really know what they believe due to their own personal studies of what Gods word promises for all that reject Jesus as Lord and Savior, Mark nor i do that. We do how ever warn that the Lord is coming and as his word warns global tribulation will follow the taking out of the restrainer which holds back the revealing of the man of sin, antichrist.
That restrainer is in fact the Holy Spirit which indwells every believer RIGHT NOW, not at some later date as you claim.
When the Bride of Christ is snatched or yanked out of here in the twinkling of an eye the age of Grace, or Church age will end and the holy Spirits restraining power from Christians will cease. This is the signal that Satan has 7 years to get-r-done before Christs return to set up his rightious kingdom and reign for 1000 years fro JERUSALEM, ISRAEL. 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12 shows the removal of the Holy Spirit and the revealing of the lawless one, satan and his merry band of demon possesed followers.

Northernlights i will not copy your comments for those in my fellowship as they know the word of God and all about people that twist Gods words around for their desire to decieve and miss lead others of the coming judgements against ALL ungodly people by telling them that God is love and not to be feared.
Well your right about God being all about Love, but God is also all about Rightiousness and demands payment for rebelious sin and out of his LOVE for mankind has provided away of escaping the coming judgements which he has warned will come ALL OUT OF LOVE.
Gods LOVING Patience will come to an end some day and if one would only read the scriptures they could see and understand by the Holy Spirits leading as 2 Peter 3:8-9 says God is not willing for any to perish, but is long suffering out of his Love.
It's been two days since Christ left when using Gods 1000 years as 1 day time frame, due to their not being any time frame with God. God told Israel, Jews that he would scatter them and disipline them for two days and on the third day they would sit in his sight under his rule, which is the millenial reign of Yeshua, Jesus. Hosea 6; entire chapter, but primarily verses 1-3 which shows the 3 days concept for Israel, Jews, not jehovah witness or mormons or the church, but JEWS.

Very Good Mark Conway and Keep Looking up as we serve and warn others to prepare, my Brother in Yeshua, OUR Blessed and ONLY Hope of Fundamental Change to Believe in for now and eternity.
He is coming soon to start the new Age, Era of time and it could be 2012 as Matthew 24; says with all the SIGNS pointing to his nearness.
We don't know when but we know it is cloce and when ever he does come, it will be right on time and not a second early or late, but exactly when the Father says to Jesus go get your bride for the wedding feast, as all things have been made ready.
Many false teachers will come in the last days all in the name of Jesus saying this is the way and this is the real messiah, not that old way where Jesus is the messiah and only way, as Jesus warned in Matthew 24;4-5, John 14:6


Yahweh and Yeshua are Greater by the way!

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 09/29/12 - 12:09 pm
Norseman Good quote, now follow it.

There you have it folks a quote by Chief Joseph which seems to be an acceptable belief, yet it's not observed by the one espouseing it, and once again we see people would rather listen to meer men, rather than Gods son Jesus that will judge what is and is not acceptable, not Chief Joseph or any other man.
Try this one. John 14:6, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no man comes unto the father except through me", Jesus Christ.
Or this one. Philippians 2:10-1, "Every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father."
Or this one Matthew 24:5 Jesus warned us about these False prophets and messiah's for the End of the Age, "For many will come in my name saying 'I am the christ,' misleading MANY.
That includes Chief Joseph and Norseman and all of Mankind as well, we all shall confess that Jesus is Lord even if we don't want to now, and be judged for our worship of men rather than God.
Read the SIGNS smart ones, read the SIGNS. They all point to the end of an ERA of Time and the Beginning of another ERA of time, just as the Mayans and 89 other ancient societies have said would be the case and in 2012 to boot.

NOT THE END OF THE WORLD, JUST MAJOR CLEANING BY FIRE AND BRIMSTONE, everyone knows that fire always causes new growth.
For further instructions try the Bible, not other works of men with their twisted ways for being rejected, not accepted by God.
Last is John 3:16 for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that who soever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life. Did you catch the Perish part for not believing in Jesus? Now thats true Love from God to explain the Gloom & Doom aspect of rejecting his provision of salvation through his son Jesus.
It's every ones free will to do as they wish and pay later for those choices made either with a up vote for going up, or a down vote for going down, you vote only once and every one is registered to vote once. Use your one vote wisely PLEASE.

Yahweh and Yeshua are Greater!

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 09/30/12 - 10:09 am
7th Feast of Tabernacles Tonight

Tonight starts the Feast of Tabernacles or Booths.
This is the 7th and final fall feast after the harvest of the fields.
This feast was observed as a reminder of Gods faithfulness in providing for the Jews 40 years in the wilderness and as an example of Gods promised provision of a saviour for the forgiveness of sins for eternity.
This feast is a time to look foreward with Great Hope and Joy and thanks giving for his provisions past and future all with Great expectations of God keeping his eternal promises.
It's not ment to be a fearful time of dread and doubt about Gods love.
It is also a time to remember that if God keeps his promises of Blessings and provision that he will also keep his promises of judgement against all that refuse to worship him in Spirit & Truth which can only come by salvation in Yeshua, the true chosen one and only hope for all of mankind.
Zachariah 14:16 shows us that after Christs return and judgement of the nations of people and sets up his 1000 years reign of total rightiousness that every nation will observe this Feast of Tabernacles Every year or suffer for not doing so.

God love all of his creation and only wishes for the best he has to offer each of us for eternity.
Out of Gods love he has decided to allow each of us the freedom to chose our eternal destiny, while at the same time has provided the way for eternal salvation and Tabernacling with him on the 8th day, or eternity.
Yeshua, Jesus the Christ is Gods provision to his creation for salvation, ther is no other way other than Gods way.

Enjoy the Feast of Tabernacles, Booths and praise God for his Blessings and promises for now and eternity found only in Christ Jesus.

All of Gods Feasts found in Leviticus 23; point to his provisions and promised savior for Jews & Gentiles alike.
Study Gods word for your selves and ask God for wisdom and understanding which leads unto salvation found only in his Chosen Messiah, Jesus Christ is his name and some day every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the Glory of God the Father.

Thank you LORD for your provisions now and in eternity found in MY Savior and only Hope, Yeshua Ha Messiach.


gfds98765 09/30/12 - 03:44 pm
Chance favors a prepared mind

“”The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others. But it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods, or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.””

Thomas Jefferson, 1782

Chance favors a prepared mind.

freedomlibertytruth 10/02/12 - 01:13 am
there are those who hold up & those who fall, prepare for worse

There are two passages that I know, only cause they proved to be true a hundred times over BEFORE I ever read the actual scripture.

You reap what you sow ( AKA: what goes around comes around)
Don’t give your treasure to dogs, or cast your pearls before swine, as they will trample them underfoot and rend you. (AKA: take care of yourself and your stuff, cause there’s some evil 'effing people out there)

When any type of emergency happens on the peninsula, there are those who hold up and those who fall. It’s completely up to us to plan, prepare, and have courage.

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 10/02/12 - 08:30 am
Treasures and Pearls

The treasures and pearls cast before swine Matthew 7:6 has to do with the true Holy knowledge of God and his plan of salvation and implies that you don't give good stuff to Dogs or Swine because they don't really care if your trying to help them they only want what they want and will kill you for gitting in their way.
This Dogs and Swine verse is what Mohammad copied and used reverse technology for muslims about the Qurans commands to kill all the Jews and Christians or Dogs and Pigs.
You see from the beginning Evil has wanted to wipe the slate clean from any knowledge of Gods pormise and plan of salvation for mankind which was created in the image of God.
All of which satan hates and has gone about since taliking Eve into eating the forbidden fruit.
The desire to be wise and be like God has pushed mankind in many differant Politically Religious directions and the Truths of Gods words and promises, to his chosen People, Jews and True Christians alike has always been Evils desire to wipe each off the face of the earth to try and stop Gods plans for eternity.
This is exactly what we have running for President TWO men whose political religions are IDENTICAL from start to finish.
If one would study the TRUE History of each and compare their claims of how God got it wrong and here is the New Way FOREWARD and please believe us on these claims for a better hope and change to believe in.
Alas, what we have now is MANY differant Politically Religious groups just like these two with their Revised versions with their many ways to God supposedly.
In reality what these groups have done once again is to say that God made a mistake the First time with his promises to the Jews and Christians pertaining to salvation and we are here to help lead the way now with the REST OF THE STORY.
Not! God did not mess up or get it wrong and there are not many ways, but just ONE and either your on that FREE Salvation Bus to eternity or your not.
If not, that implies that your listening to all the false messiahs with their other ways and must some day pay for your ride to eternal judgment seperated from the Love of God, which is what Hell is gonna be, Seperated from the Love of God because you wanted it your way, instead of his way and what you want does not matter if it tries to bypass Gods way because he is the Boss.

If only ONE person will listen to what i am saying and research it and be saved from the Wrath to come against ALL ungodlyness of man wanting it their way, then i have done exactly what God commands each of us that know his love and forgiveness from our sin of self to do
I shared the promise of True Hope and Fundamental Change to Believe In to that ONE. God will say to me 'well done good and faithful servant, inter into your rest.' God requires us to be responcible for what he has given us and share it toall that would come and thats my goal to share ALL the wealth of eternity because of what God has done for me, not what i could do for myself.
It's every single persons free choice to vote either UP or Down, with only ONE vote allowed and cast. Please vote correctly from your understand of the eternal issues facing your vote.
Also go vote today for earthly leaders as it may be our last chance as a free people to do so as ALL SIGNS point to coming Global troubles.

Yahweh and Yeshua are Greater!

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