Be prepared for spiritual emergencies, too

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September has been set aside as Prepared Readiness month. Just how prepared should we be for emergencies?


Just the other day, we had a power outage around 7:30 a.m. at our house. My wife and I are all about being prepared for power outages, so we had our flashlights located in easy to find areas throughout the house. I made it to the flashlight on the nightstand immediately, so I thought I was pretty smart. Only problem, the batteries were very low, so I started scrabbling for the next flashlight location before my light went out!

Being prepared for an emergency is important. The batteries need to be checked in the flashlights and radio and replaced as needed. If you have a gas powered generator, you need to check and make sure it works from time to time, and the gasoline needs to be freshened ever so often with stabilizer added to keep it fresh. Your food needs to be rotated so you have fresh food in case you need it. All these things take time and need to be updated to be prepared for just about anything.

Being prepared for emergencies is very similar to being prepared spiritually for things unexpected also. Just because we have read the bible now and again and go to church on a regular basis, are we really prepared for a spiritual emergency? Are our spiritual batteries charged and ready at all times? How about the spiritual food bank? Are we freshening up with fresh Manna daily?

Even though the Doom’s Dayers may be going a little over board on the end of the World scenario being sooner than we think, but, what should we do to prepare ourselves for the end just in case they are right? Didn’t Jesus say we should be like the 5 Virgins who kept their oil lamps full? (Matt. 25:10) And, just the thought of Jesus coming soon, it’s not a bad idea anyway?

Think of it, if Jesus came soon, the chosen children of God would be raptured to Heaven as the bible says, “ in the twinkling of an eye.” (1 Corinthians 15:52.) For them it would be really cool. They would all be joined together with Jesus, go get their new Heavenly bodies and never have to worry ever again about anything. They would all live in the Heavenly Palace with angels to serve them all day and night. They will enjoy a banquet dinner like no one could ever imagine here on earth, not even a king or queen. There would be no hunger, no sickness, no suffering, no pain or anything we experience in this life that causes us to fret. It would be paradise for eternity. Where do we sign up, or is there a catch to it all? Does it sound too good to be true? Does this make you feel a little uneasy at all?

You know, maybe we are thinking, “I don’t think I want to leave earth just yet. I’m pretty happy with the way things are going. I just got promoted in my job and I’m loving what I do. It pays real great and the benefits are awesome!

Or, maybe you just got married and want to spend some time with your new spouse? Or, you just had a baby and want to see your baby grow up and enjoy watching them have children too? Or, you just bought that dream home overlooking the river and the mountains and haven’t had time to enjoy that yet. Or, you might think,” I’ve just retired and I’d like to travel more and see places I’ve always dreamed of.” What about all this stuff we want to do first before Jesus comes?

If we do go to Heaven just like that with Jesus, we may also find ourselves separated from our friends here on earth. We may find ourselves with people we really didn’t plan on spending eternity with; People we don’t really like to spend time with now or even live in the same neighborhood as they do.

I know a lot of us kind of feel this way. Do we even know what Heaven is going to be like? Are you sure it’s worth it? Are there any other options if there are any?

WOW! Have we all gone mad? St. Paul would say, “Who has mesmerized you?” ( Galatians 3:1).

Preparing one’s self for heaven is like packing your bags to go on a very long vacation. We need to really prepare ourselves now for what could come like a thief in the night. No one knows the hour or the day when Jesus could come and take the Chosen Christians with Him. And, the Lord says that the number of people going to Heaven with Him will be limited anyway. Jesus said that many are the people who choose to go the road that leads to Hell and only a few will even find the way that leads to eternal life. (By the way, that narrow road has many difficulties along the way. (Matt. 7: 13-14)

I got an email the other day from someone I barely know. Her spouse passed away and she said,” I hope he makes it into Heaven.” I hate to say it, but if by the last breath, you don’t know for sure one is going to heaven or not, you probably don’t want to know the outcome anyway.

We all need to get prepared. The bible says that the time is short. In fact, many are saying,” I thought we had more time.”

There is only one door we can pass through, and Jesus has shown us the door. If we don’t know where the door is by now, we will be most likely like the woman who wasn’t sure where her husband was going after he died. “Prepare yourselves now, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.” (Mark 1:5)


Mark Conway is an evangelist living in Sterling with his wife Maryna. They host a Christian retreat center and a house of prayer there.


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