The not-so-elite club

Have you been feeling special lately? Are you among the elite of society?


If not, the easiest way to feel unique is to join a club filled with people unique just like you. This, of course, only works if the number of members remains small enough and, of course, if you can qualify.

Here are some clubs you might consider.

There’s the Core Club. There aren’t a lot of members since you must have an annual earning that places you in the top 1 per cent of the U.S. This means that for 2011, you had to earn more than $3,000,000.

There’s the Ejection Tie Club. If you eject from a plummeting military aircraft and survive, you are automatically a member of a club that so far boasts only 5,607 members. It’s a great club. It has no meetings or banquets. As soon as you qualify for the club you receive a necktie and after that there are no more ceremonies.

There’s the Augusta National Golf Club. It could certainly boost your self-esteem. It hosts the Masters Golf tournament every year. But there’s no need to apply. You can only get in by invitation and until August 20, this year, you had to be male. On that date they announced their first two female members in a club that only has about 300 members at any given time.

Then there’s the club that must be the most elite in the world, the Giga Society. You must outscore 99.9999999 per cent of the world’s population on at least one intelligence test that is accepted by the society. That means you must prove that you are smarter than one billion other people to get in. Since the world’s population is currently around 7 billion, membership is limited to roughly the top 7 smartest people in the world.

Joining any one of these clubs would certainly make you feel special. But now consider another club. There is one club that should always welcome you and treat you like the elite of society. Interestingly, it’s the Not-So-Elite club, or as some like to call it, the church.

Yes, we in the club sometimes forget our reason for existence and should confess that sometimes we have failed to extend a welcoming hand. We must do better! The founder of our club is clear. His love is for all and his invitation to any who will come.

You say you didn’t earn $3,000,000 last year? Hear the Bible. “Listen, my dear brothers: Has not God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom he promised those who love him?” James 2:5. Likewise, if we had the space, we could share verses that tell us male and female are equal as are the educated and uneducated. Any and all from every race and nation may join! Membership is never limited and the love of God flows from person to person.

Want to feel special? Consider the Not-So-Elite club.


Rick Cupp is minister of the Kenai Fellowship. Sunday Bible classes at 10:00, coffee and fellowship 10:45, Worship 11:15- 12:15; Wednesday meal 6:15, Worship 7-7:30.


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