Weather part of the adventure at National Jamboree

Grey clouds begin moving in over top of The Summit. Suddenly, lightning begins to violently strike, with thunder booming seconds after each strike. Another West Virginia thunderstorm is about to initiate.

We recently experienced a very intense thunder storm. Winds began to pick up to 20 miles per hour, and the rain was pouring. The wind was so strong, that it began raining sideways. Within 10 minutes, we had received roughly five inches of rain. One of the positive things about West Virginia rain is that it is warm, unlike Alaska’s rain.

We could see lightning striking at the top of a ridge very close, and began counting seconds after we would see a flash. We could barely count to three! The thunder was as more vulgar than anything I have heard before. It was as if over a hundred people were shooting semi-automatic shotguns in an echo chamber. The storm went on for over an hour, keeping us in our tents and under cover.

Here at the National Scout Jamboree, we have had a wide range of weather. The mornings here at the SBR start off in the low 70s. Throughout the day the sun comes out periodically and shines earnestly to raise the temperature significantly. There have been days where there is not a cloud in sight with the temperature soaring into the 90s.

Humidity is also another factor to the weather. Alaska’s climate is very dry, especially compared to West Virginia. We have an average of about 60 percent humidity here each day, which has a dramatic effect on the way the temperature is perceived. It makes your skin feel sticky.

The weather is one of the many great parts that have made this Jamboree so adventurous. The climate here is much different than Alaska’s, but it feels great to have the sun shine bright and be warm at the same time.

This article was submitted by Michael Lewis, a local Scout attending the Boy Scouts of America National Jamboree in West Virginia.


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