Having a blah day?

Knock knock. Who’s there? Luke. Luke who? Luke out below! Knock knock. Who’s there? Cash. Cash who? No thanks, but I’ll have a walnut. Knock knock. Who’s there? Interrupting doctor. Interru- You have diabetes.


My oddball sense of humor is a constant in my life. As long as I can remember, laughing has always been my favorite thing to do. It may seem like most people feel the same way, but there’s always some grumpy cats around. You know, serious people. Serious people are great, but in small doses. Which is probably how they feel about me. I imagine a club of serious people who just sit around in a circle looking at each other. Serious people are good to have though. No one needs a laughing surgeon operating on them. No one needs an obstetrician that tells good jokes. Don’t tell me jokes, just deliver my baby. Then you can tell the jokes to my baby.

Today, I don’t feel very humorous. It’s a foreign feeling, but it’s been known to happen. Ever go through that? A day where you feel like a dull clone of yourself? My reasons are good. Found out some sad news, coughed all night which means I didn’t get any sleep, and it’s raining. The latter is kind of a lame excuse, but when it rains it pours. My caffeine intake thus far has been adequate and my attitude isn’t terrible, but sometimes we just wake up and feel like a weaker version of ourselves.

Today my tolerance is low. I don’t care what diet someone is on, or how perfect their life is. I’m not real keen on listening to perky people talk about something they find fascinating. Sorry, today is not that day. No personal judgment, but imagine standing in an elevator and hearing the Macarena over and over again. Jesus take the wheel. No one needs my Eeyore mumblings to ruin their day, so it sounds like a good time to disconnect. Disconnecting is a great idea. For one, you will keep your friends. And for two, it’s good to take a step back and recharge. To get away and enjoy the calm. Oh wait! That’s right. I have a second-grader and an almost 4-year-old.

When I’m feeling under the weather due to being ill or grief or dieting or something equally human, I don’t want my kids to feel like they’re being tolerated, because that’s sad. So on those days, I make sure to overcompensate my attitude for my kids. We’ll watch a great movie, make popcorn, play cards, or do something that equals fun ... but mellow fun. I don’t pop a balloon full of glitter when they walk in. I don’t say yes to every request to get them off my back (be strong, don’t do it). Kid management on gloomy days is good, even if it means taking them to grandma’s. No one needs to get stuck in therapy, because mommy flipped out on the way to basketball practice.

OK, let’s fill this cup so it’s overflowing. What helps you get back to the “normal” version of yourself? Time? Give yourself some time if you need it. Being patient doesn’t always equal doing nothing, it can be waiting out the current funk you’re in. Waiting is good, because you know there’s a purpose, even if the purpose is to adjust. I don’t know what the handbook says on patience, but in my personal experience, patience is usually a time that means hoping for something good. Planning for something better. Knowing that tomorrow might improve. If my thoughts are positive, hopeful, and honest, usually my heart transforms into something a little stronger, braver, and I start to find inspiration again. So don’t always feel like patience means doing nothing, it can take work. Some days I don’t mind people obsessed with diets or perfection. (But today is not that day. Patience.)

Here’s the Thing: If I didn’t sneeze, cough, or lose sleep all week I’d probably hate this article. It’s more self-help than anything, but I’m a big dork. If I was talking to my husband, I might say I’m a big dorkus porkus. That sounds about right. But today is an honestly blah day for me. My humor is low, but I know things will get back to normal. The people in my life are amazing, but it’s OK to get some healthy alone time. Feeling less than average physically or mentally is crummy, but planning on a better tomorrow is positive. Don’t worry too much about what others think if you’re not feeling yourself, the important people will love you through it. Beat the blah by being yourself, even if it’s the crabby patty version. As Oscar Wilde says, “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.”

Kasi McClure enjoys being a wife and mother of two in Kenai. She can be reached at columnkasi@gmail.com.


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