Have you ever forgotten where you parked your car? Last week I almost did as I walked through a packed hospital parking lot in the rain, looking all around for it after having searched long for a spot.


Days earlier, I had received a news release at work from Insurance.com, titled “Biggest driving embarrassments.”

Drivers responding to a survey reported that forgetting where they had parked was their most common driving embarrassment – 52 percent of respondents admitted to that gaffe.

I wasn’t too embarrassed about losing my car in a sea of other vehicles; just wet.

I have had a few embarrassing episodes with my car over the years, though, so I’ll give you the other results:

• Driving over a curb in a parking lot: I have done that only once, but I really did a bang-up job, ripping a tire open and requiring a new one. Now, anytime I criticize my wife’s driving, she brings that up.

• Locked the key in my car: I’ve done that only once, at work. I had ribbed my wife for doing it several times, so when it happened to me, I underplayed it:

“Hello, Honey, my car won’t start. Can you come down here and jump-start my car. Oh, by the way, would you bring your extra key to my car. Thanks.” Click.

• Gone the wrong way down a one-way street: Not me; I can read arrows.

• Driven away with something on the roof, such as coffee or a purse: Thirty-one percent of the survey’s drivers have pulled that bonehead maneuver, but I don’t have a purse.

• Tried to open a car door and realized it wasn’t my car: Nope.

• Couldn’t back out of a parking spot because other cars or objects were too close: Again, nope.

• Dropped my money or food at a drive-through window: See previous answer.

• Accidentally started the car alarm and couldn’t turn it off quickly: Sure, but through no fault of my own. I think it’s because of solar flares or UFOs.

• Lost a toll ticket at the payment booth: What’s a toll booth?

• Couldn’t get out of a roundabout and kept driving in circles: What’s a roundabout?

• Gotten pulled over and didn’t have license, registration or insurance: What’s a driver’s license?

• Driven away from a gas pump with the nozzle still in my tank: I’m crazy, not stupid.

• Not able to work the key remote to get into my car: I found out it’s easy if you just push the button.

• Almost hit a person: Almost? I mean, of course not.

• Forgot a passenger and had to go back: I don’t live in a sitcom, although some days are close.

• Gotten into my car and realized it wasn’t mine: No, but my wife did. Identical car, and the door key worked. Only when she noticed the spotless interior did she realize it was not her car.

Now, how would you fare in this survey?

Reach Glynn Moore at glynn.moore@augustachronicle.com.


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