4-H’er of the Month a dedicated leader

4-H’er of the Month Katie Cooper is a dedicated leader.

4-H’er of the Month a dedicated leader


It is a difficult task and responsibility to choose a 4-H’er of the month when you are in a club with so many active and involved 4-H’ers, but one member stands out for her dedication to 4-H and her growth this spring. This member was an independent 4-H’er and member of the JML club for five years before joining North Road Rangers, and as soon as she became part of our club, she became a constant, consistent, and dedicated presence and she daily makes our best better.

Katie Cooper will tell you she doesn’t feel like she does too much for her club, especially because she was very involved with her ski team this winter and travelled away for meets most weekends.

But let me tell you what Katie does do. After joining NRR, Katie immediately became involved in teen leadership and played a big part in planning and hosting last year’s district luau. Before accepting the nomination from her peers for our president, Katie explained her fall athletics travel schedule and only after assurance from our VP about coverage and sharing the workload did she accept the position. She was responsible and careful about her nomination and wanted to make sure she could do the job well. As soon as her ski season ended, Katie immediately took the reins in her presidential role.

This is Katie’s second year as District Council Vice President and she has learned how to efficiently run a board meeting and does so when called upon and she does it well.

Katie has joined the senior Livestock team and is a tenacious studier, even having her ski teammates quiz her in livestock questions on bus trips to their away meets. She is soaking up all things livestock and allows herself to step outside of her comfort zones as she prepares for this year’s competition.

It is a joy to have her in North Road Rangers, and as we wrap up the half-year mark, I am excited to see where the rest of her final year in 4-H takes Katie. She has been a hard worker, a good example, a learner, a leader, a teacher and a friend to many in her club, and it is for these reasons I name Katie Cooper as 4-H’er of the month.

4-H’er of the Month receives a U.S. Savings Bond sponsored by Aaron and Jeannine Morse.

— Submitted by Cassy Rankin, North Road Rangers 4-H Club Leader


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