Social consistency can mean radical change

It's easy to get "off mission" as Christians. The daily challenges of life, work and family all tend to pull us away from our intended purpose in life. We can often replace the mission with tasks that push us "off mission."


It's important to understand what "on mission" means. To get a clear picture of this command let's review what Jesus spoke in Acts 1:8 to the disciples (men who were mentored by Jesus during his ministry). Jesus states " will be my witness in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth."

It's a simple request to begin, yes, but practically this command has puzzled Christians (no matter how new or seasoned) especially in today's world. What I hope to offer you is a simple but extremely practical way to share Christ daily. Get ready.... It's called Social Consistency.

You might be wondering what "Social Consistency" means. Simple stated it's revealing Christ's love, respect and positivity to everyone you come into contact with every time you see them. I've been trying, I'm not perfect trust me, to practice this philosophy daily with every person I connect with.

Share a smile, a thank you, look them in the eyes or just be polite. These small and simple changes can greatly affect your ability to be effective for Christ. 

By working towards "Social Consistency" you'll find that people will inherently look at you and wonder why "you're so different." In this case being "different" is what opens the door to conversations about Christ.

The big idea in this article is not to go to Judea, Samaria (unless God calls you, then I'd listen) the goal is to effectively reach our Jerusalem, the Kenai Peninsula. By becoming more "Socially Consistent" there may be more "open door" opportunities to share Christ.

Scott Levesque is a pastor at Kenai New Life. For more information check out


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