Keep your "spiritual ringer" on at all times

As a pastor, I've come to loathe the sound of my phone ringing early on a Sunday morning--it's never a good call. I don't think ever in the history of the church has anyone ever called a pastor or ministry leader on a Sunday morning to let them know that they woke up early, their kids are all healthy, they feel great, will be there on time, or any combination thereof.

I recently received a call on a Sunday morning from someone saying they were going to the hospital and would not be able to fulfill their commitment. They were deeply apologetic for the inconvenience and I assured them that it was no problem and I would gladly take care of everything on our end. Fortunately, everything ended up being okay for her and our church services went off without any hitches.

It made me think of the story in Matthew 21 and Mark 11 when Jesus cursed the fig tree for not having any figs for him to eat even though it wasn't even the season for figs. The lesson in the story isn't an affirmation of impatience or unrealistic expectations, but rather to be ready at any time to be used of God for his purpose.

This Christmas season you are going to be busy--it's a given! But, God may want to use you in someone's life. It rarely comes at a good time, and often includes some level of an inconvenience to you. However, regardless of timing, do you have any figs on your tree when Jesus needs you? This year, let's try not to be so blinded by the Holidays that we don't recognize the people God might be strategically placing around us.

Make sure to keep your spiritual ringer on. After all, you never know when it might start hollering at you!


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