A New Year’s resolution upgrade: Resolution 2.0

With the Christmas season coming to a close and many of us wondering “Where in the world did the time go?” Our tendency is to turn our focus to creating New Year resolutions that will last about as long as it takes for us to think of them. I poke fun because I, knowingly, fit this mold quite well. For many, including myself, it’s easy to become wrapped up in the New Year’s resolution frenzy. We make wildly unrealistic and borderline impossible resolutions in the name of self sacrifice. When in reality the resolution itself is based on our strength, will and endurance alone.

Before we continue I’d like to clarify a few things. One, in this article I’m not discrediting those who can make a resolution and commit to it. Personally, I admire those who can follow through to the end. And secondly, those who make resolutions and seem to have trouble keeping them, such as myself, it doesn’t mean you’re any less capable of achieving the success you want.

Psalms 31:3 says “Since you are my rock and my fortress, for the sake of your name lead and guide me.” For a lot of us the New Year’s resolution is an opportunity to change something about ourselves that we want to improve. And by all accounts it’s mostly the physical aspect of our lives. It’s no wonder gym membership’s increase by 35% in January. Yet, the question I tend to ask is “Are we focusing our change, resolution, on what’s going to bring Him (God) the greatest glory?”

Since most of you will be reading this article the day before New Year’s Eve I want to challenge you to try something different this year. Instead of promising to lose 20 pounds, your health should always be important to you not just in January, try a new type of resolution. Resolve to increase your Bible reading, prayer or family devotion time. Resolve to be a better example for your children, co-workers or family by swearing less, appreciating more or tweaking your attitude. Simple, hard and most importantly effective!

My premise for writing this article is simple; small changes, with God’s grace, can equate to significant transformation.
Scott Levesque is a pastor at Kenai New Life. For more information regarding New Life visit www.kenainewlife.org.


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