Staying connected with more than electronics

Voices of Religion

The world of communications has changed significantly in the past generations, and continues to change so quickly it makes my graying head whirl. It is an amazing phenomenon that we are experiencing, and sometimes it can be extremely stressful.


That is the way I am feeling today. I feel, in a word, "disconnected."

I used to get by pretty well with a telephone and a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. (Remember those?) Ah, life was simple then.

Today, however, I find myself immersed in a particular crisis which is quite traumatic and disconcerting. I am literally disconnected.

I returned from vacation to discover I had left behind two very important cords. One I left the power cord to my laptop somewhere.  Two, I misplaced the cord to my Kindle, which serves as a kind of backup to my laptop. Then I discover that the wi-fi at my house is not working.  The tech rep says it is working and connected, but doesn't know why I can't connect my equipment to it. "Maybe it's your router." He says.

And I say: "What's a router?"

I feel myself getting tense and anxious. I have work to do, articles to write, sermons and bulletins to prepare, friends and associates to connect to - and here I am, totally disconnected!

I began to wonder if this anxiety I'm feeling could also mean I am disconnected in other areas perhaps more important. Have I also become disconnected in my spiritual life? What "power cords" do I need, what connections do I need to repair or replace to re-connect with God?

In the past I have quipped that I knew God's phone number. It's Jeremiah 33:3. "Call unto me and I will show you great and mighty things which you knoweth not."  (KJV) Thankfully we don't have to know anything about technology to get connected to God. The lines are always open, 24/7. No waiting. No passwords or extensions to remember, no buttons to push. (If this is an emergency press 1 now....)

But in my busy life, perhaps I need to take a moment to review weak connections on my part. Is some sin or shame or attitude blocking my connection to God? Am I holding a grudge? Is there someone I need to forgive? Those are major sources of spiritual interference.

Where do I need to plug in and recharge? Have I been too busy, too lazy or too selfish to spend quality time reading the Bible, attending worship, meditating and praying?  Do I need to spend some time with "knee-mail?"

I really do have to get my technical problems solved. But, thank you, Lord, for reminding me there is one other connection that is a sure and certain priority.  And thank you, God that your grace has allowed us all to be a part of your grand network.


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