God creative and inventive

I want to make a confession. I love technology and toys. I may be 56, but I preach from an iPad after studying Bible on an iMac. And now a new toy has caught my eye.


Later this year, according to the blog rj-timeout.com, which has some great pictures by the way, Apple is coming out with a new TV that is controlled with an elegant and attractive iRing worn on your finger.

The rings come in white or black with a lit blue apple symbol on top and are rechargeable. Your TV will now be controlled, most likely, with a combination of touching your ring and/or pointing at your TV. That means no more searching for the remote control or even having to reach for it on your TV tray. Yes, I’m aware that last sentence makes me appear to be lazy. Let’s hope the day doesn’t come when I feel that sliding my finger across my ring is too much work to raise the volume on my favorite program.

For me, though, the major joy of technology is not the ease it brings or even the problems it solves. For me the joy is in seeing the wonderful creativity of the mind of man which is but a dim reflection of the wonderful creativity of the mind of God. We are made in His image. When we create it is because He is a creator, the Creator, and our minds can spin off the new because he once spun it all into existence.

Consider the myriad abundance of life. Around one million species of insects hop, crawl, slide and fly all around us. We watch with eyes that can distinguish between 7,000,000 different colors. We lift our eyes to a grand total of hundreds of billions of galaxies, knowing that in our one galaxy alone there are roughly 100-300 billion stars.

I am thrilled that I don’t have to live in a black-and-white universe that consists of one star, a planet and a few animals. God’s over-abundant imagination and grace has given us black holes and the platypus and this very week Discovery channel has suggested that perhaps the 100-foot giant prehistoric shark, Megaladon, may still be alive in the deeps. Time to buy a new fishing pole.

And our God did not light the fuse of the Big Bang and then sit back somewhere with His own Hubble to watch it all happen while taking a few photos for the album. The Bible tells us of an infinite Creator who is also pleased to call us His children and thrilled when we cry out, “Father!” It tells of a God involved in our lives who can be touched by our hurts and concerns. It is to this God we pray, to the God “who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.” Ephesians 3:20.


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