Connections Valedictorians

Miles Wiebe


Miles Wiebe is the son of Bill and Jane Wiebe. Miles plans to attend Stanford University after taking a gap year. He enjoys being a volunteer fire fighter in the Homer Fire Department, running rivers, camping, rock climbing, and mechanical projects, especially his 1975 Opel Manta. He works on his family fishing boat during the summers, in Bristol Bay and King Cove.

John Hannan

John Hannan is the son of Nancy Hannan. He has had two main interests: music and computer programming.  He writes that hanks his wonderful teachers in each of these areas (choral director Mark Robinson, trumpet/voice teacher Renda Horn, and friend Ken Johnson), he has enjoyed each of these tremendously. The wonderful thing about studying music is meeting musicians who inspire him, and computer science will both useful and exciting in its many new applications. His plan is to double-major in music and computer science at Washington State University.

Delores Anne Martin

Delores Anne Martin is the daughter of Blair and Ronna Martin. Born in September, 1992, she is named after both her grandmothers, Delores Lindeman and JoAnne Martin. To avoid confusion, most know her as D. Anne. She has been homeschooled for most of her school years. This summer she is going to Nicaragua to intern, teaching English at a preschool. She plans to pursue a college degree in a Latin American country. Her goal is to become an Interpreter/Translator and be involved in missions.


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