Wings Christian Academy

Wings Christian Academy seniors Caden MacLellan, Mollie Geffe, Kelsey Jose and Jessica Saunders pose for photos before their graduation ceremony at Immanuel Baptist Church on May 13. The four graduate-class was “relatively large” in number for the school, Saunders said. Two of the seniors attended the Wings Christian Academy inside of the church and the other two were home schooled.

Caden MacLellan certainly doesn’t have his whole life mapped out in front of him.


But, he said he thinks he may have found his calling — to be a man of the cloth.

In fact, MacLellan, who was home-schooled but regularly attends Immanuel Baptist Church, already has a bit of preaching practice under his belt thanks to the Wing Christian Academy.

“I’m a very out-going person and I like helping people,” he said. “I’ve got a helping nature, and God just laid it on my heart — it is what I was supposed to do.”

But, as MacLellan waited in anticipation of the ceremonies that would signal his graduation from high school with the three other members of the Wings Christian Academy senior class on May 13, he said he was excited about the uncertainty of his future.

“It’s awesome,” he said. “I still plan on staying around town for a little bit, so no drastic changes happening anytime soon. But, it is still exciting to have that out from over your head.”

MacLellan, along with seniors Mollie Geffe, Kelsey Jose and Jessica Saunders made up Wings Christian’s 2011 graduating class.

But, the small size of the graduating class didn’t matter much to Saunders.

“Actually this is a relatively large class for our school, so it’s nice,” she said. “It can still be personal but it is not like I am the only person, you know, with all the pressure.”

Saunders said she would likely take a year off to get married in September, but was keeping her eye on earning a business degree from a yet-to-be decided school.

“It took a lot of work to get this far, but I finally made it and I am ready to graduate,” she said. “I’m excited.”

Jose said she is only the second graduate in school history to have completed all of her education at Wings Christian — from kindergarten through senior year.

“It’s nice, I have been raised with the same friends,” she said. “My best friend came to kindergarten with me and she is still here.”

Jose said she is currently working on graduating from another school — beauty school.

“I really enjoy making people happy and feeling better about themselves,” she said. “It really makes me happy when they are happy when they leave.”

Jose, like MacLellan and Saunders said her favorite part about high school was playing basketball. More specifically, getting to make better friends with her teammates and travel the area.

Walking away from what she once knew so well, however, will be a strange feeling, she said.

“It is kind of hard (to describe) because it is still hitting me that this is even happening,” she said. “But, just friends and family being here to support me and tomorrow I’ll be able to take the next step in my life I guess and move on with the future.”

For Geffe, the day was filled with equal parts stress, excitement and significance.

“It is like a milestone in life that everyone can achieve if they try and it is kind of sad that some people don’t try and they give up,” she said. “I am glad I didn’t give up and I made it.”

Along her journey, she said it was her mother and another that helped keep her focused on not giving up.

“And, my Aunt who passed away, she helped me through a lot,” she said fighting back tears.


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