Youngest students share wisdom, too

If all you really need to know in life you learned in kindergarten, then the young students at Mountain View Elementary School in Kenai are living experts. They had some good advice for those high school graduates going out into the real world.

Here’s a few nuggets of their wisdom for seniors:

“Be safe.”
“They should be nice to animals.”
“Be nice to people. Don’t bite or kick or hit anybody in the face.”
“Help people clean up their mess.”
 — Jenessa
Marsden-Dundas, 5,
Mrs. Cindy Thomas’ class

“Go to college. Get a job. They shouldn’t say bad words. Don’t play guns. Be careful.”
— Grant Glidden, 6,
Mrs. Shannon Hoffbeck’s class

“They should be nice and respectful and help other people get up when they fall.”
“School is really important. If you have a job you have to do that job. “
— Natalie Schneider, 6,
Mrs. Summer Dallman’s class

“If you’re sick you have to stay home.”
— Elisabeth Hayes, 5,
Mrs. Shannon Hoffbeck’s class

“I think that even if they’re really old they should still listen to their parents.”
“Go to college so you can learn a lot and you can be responsible. Get a good job and raise money to buy food for the rest of your family.”
— Brooklynn Reed, 6,
Mr. Matthew Epplin’s class

“Do a good job in school. Be nice to your friends.”
— Kenneth Coghill II, 6,
Mrs. Shannon Hoffbeck’s class