Waste of good playground equipment

Recently I heard that a new set of playground equipment is being planned for the Nikiski Recreation Center. Our whole family has a bit of a problem with waste like this. First off, what is wrong with the old equipment, and what will happen to the old equipment? Also, whenever we go by the rec center, we rarely see anybody playing on the equipment. I know what it's like being a kid who wants to go play at the park, but I also know that there are two very nice parks in Nikiski already, one next to the pool, and the other next to the rec center. Not to mention the one at Nikiski North Star Elementary. While we're on the subject of unnecessary waste, I'll go ahead and say something about all the wasted buildings sitting around. If you look around in the cities of Kenai and Soldotna, you'll notice that there are a lot of empty buildings sitting around wearing signs like "For sale," or "For lease." Even though these perfectly good buildings are sitting here waiting to be filled, new buildings are going up. For example, the new O'reilly Auto Parts store next to McDonalds. There was no need for that building to be built, when there were other buildings that could have been used.

Here's another example. As of a couple months ago, the city of Kenai has another empty building. The Lowe's building, which in my opinion should never have opened its doors, is now standing empty. What business is big enough to fill this building? I don't think we're going to be finding one any time soon.  I liked what Home Depot did. They waited until Kmart closed before they moved in to town. Then they fixed the building so that it looked like their other stores.

I think that the city council members should make it where no one can build a new building for a business if there is already a building that is a suitable size for the business they plan on opening. Some people might say that it is progress when a new unnecessary building goes up, but I think that it is exactly the opposite.  

John Boatright is a 10th-grade home-school student from Nikiski.