You say you hate it, but do you mean it?

"I hate writing." I hear that all the time. But, are you sure you hate writing? Every time you type out a text message or update your Facebook status, you're writing. You just have to adventure beyond those confinements and taste the wonders of writing, get lost in the radiance of sculptured characters, throw yourself into another world, completely forget where you are and who you are for one brilliant moment. The characters become real and the story writes itself and somewhere along the way, you create yourself.


Imagine biting into a perfect, warm chocolate chip cookie, and suddenly your entire focus is only on the warm, gooey, chocolaty cookie; everything else is gone for moment, your eyes close in bliss, only the crunch of the edge of the cookie, the chocolate coating your mouth, and the perfect soft center remain.

That, right here, is like realizing, somewhere along the way, that the writing has take over and drawn you to a hidden corner of your mind you never knew existed.

The story demands it be told. To be written for everyone to read. Everyone has a story, or many stories, to tell, fiction or non-fiction, but most people reject writing their story. They deny the need for writing, for crafting another world in which they can stretch their wings and take flight. By denying ourselves writing, we cannot uncover the entirety of ourselves. And how can we know anyone else if we do not know ourselves?

Remove preconceived notions of writing and look at a blank piece of paper with no judgment. A piece a paper does not judge, it knows nothing of us or our past writings. It cannot be impressed or hold anything against us. It is blank, waiting for us to turn it into a beautifully crafted piece of writing.

Writing is like breathing. It is something we must do. It is imperative. It feeds our imagination. Imaginations is our greatest weapon, also our name tag.

It is what sets us apart from the grey, defines us. Get lost in a story and lose yourself in you for a while.

Like any medium of art, writing is flexible. We can bend it how we want, but in the end it bends right back, changes us. We cannot force our writing to something it is not; the same way we cannot really force ourselves to be someone we aren't. Writing gives us insight into our true thoughts. It captivates us. We can only hope that our writing is equally as captivating to someone else.

Heather Morton is a 10th-grade Connections/Skyview student.