During power outage, people power appreciated

During the recent power outage, most of the homes in Kenai, Nikiski, and Soldotna were left without power. A lot of the houses in Nikiski were left without power for two days or more.


I would like to thank all of the people who worked together quickly to get all the power back on. We were fortunate to have a generator, but there are lots of people who don't have one. That might not be such a big deal for some people who have woodstoves or some other type of backup heat, but I'm sure there are many people who were very cold during those couple days.

Also, a man that we know told us that a lady he knows has a breathing machine that she depends on. When the power went out she had to power the machine with her car just to keep herself alive.

On our road, the wind had knocked down several trees that ripped power lines down, making it to where we could not get beyond our driveway. A fire truck was posted at the end of our road to keep people from coming in. Those firefighters had to sit there for well over a day without getting to leave.

When the electric company came to our house, it was dark and cold, and the wind was making it even colder. One of the linemen told us that he and the crew he was working with had been working for the past 36 hours without any sleep. He said that after they were done at our house, they would go home and get six hours of sleep before they went back out.

Even though they had so little rest, they had all the lines back up and our power back on in less than seven hours. That would mean that they had worked about 43 hours without sleep.

Some people might think that they didn't move fast enough, but I think that we can be very grateful to have such hardworking people out there that make it where we can have comforts like electricity. So I would like to say thank you to all of them.          

John Boatright is a 10th-grade home-school student from Nikiski.