End of winter has writer looking forward to summer


We are approaching the end of another winter here in Alaska, and I have to say I am kind of glad.


I think my chickens are too. They haven't been able to do much this winter except sit in their coop. They also are laying hardly any eggs at all, so I think they are ready for spring time.

I think the moose are ready for the grass to start showing again too. We have seen several moose that were lying down on the snow bank up on the side of the road trying to keep out of the deep snow. I'm sure there are lots of them that have starved to death this year.

We haven't gotten the record snowfall yet, but I'm OK with that. I have already had my fill of shoveling snow. Don't get me wrong, I really like wintertime. I'm going to miss playing hockey and going skiing, but I can still do it again next year.

Of course there is still breakup that we have to get through: the time of deep puddles and lots of mud; the time of year that my little brothers love; but it's also the time of year that my mama dislikes the most.

Now it's time to start planning what we can do this summer. One thing my family really enjoys doing in the summer is going to the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. Usually they have one day about every month, where they have some crafts and activities, and a hike on one of their trails.

Another fun thing we like doing is going out to Captain Cook State Park and having a picnic. Last summer was really nice, because all of our grandparents came at different times throughout the summer, and they really enjoyed going to Captain Cook State Park.

We also really like going camping. We are planning on going canoeing on the Swanson River this summer, and camping along the way.

Of course there are some drawbacks about summer -- the pesky mosquitoes and all the other bugs that bite you and make you itch. You also have to watch out for bears if you go hiking or camping. But the thing I like best about summer is ...

No more school!

John Boatright is a 10th-grade home-school student from Nikiski.