Kenai Peninsula College Around Campus

There continues to be a flurry of activity at the Career and Tech Center and student housing construction sites. Both facilities are taking shape with most of the site work completed.


At the CTC, the storm water drainage and sewer collection system are complete as well as the underground work within the building for sewer, storm water and electrical. The first floor radiant heat tubing has been installed and concrete slab has been poured.

According to Phillip Miller, KRC construction supervisor, the first structural steel for the CTC should be arriving any day.

At the student housing site, the leach field, storm water basin and the gravel importing for the parking lot have been completed. The concrete footings and stem walls have been poured and the underground work within the building for the sewer and associated vent piping is underway. The walls for the building are being constructed by Spenard Builders Supply at their panel plant and the first wall delivery is expected soon.

Every year the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District presents Golden Apple Awards to district employees, volunteers and community organizations that go to extra lengths to support and advance education.

This year, Sara Reinert, KBC associate professor of mathematics, was awarded KPBSD’s Golden Apple for her dedication to promoting math education at West Homer Elementary school and throughout the district.

Eight years ago, Reinert founded and has since coordinated the annual Math Counts program, meeting weekly with students at West Homer Elementary School and organizing the district-wide Math Meet competition. Her nomination states “Sara’s work has made a profound difference, not just for Homer area students, but for hundreds of Peninsula math students who have used the Math Counts materials she prepares each year and for students who have attended the KPBSD Math Meets. She is a consummate educator, community volunteer and advocate for learning. Her volunteer work and vision has made a measureable difference in the achievement and enrichment opportunities for Kenai Peninsula Borough students.”

One of the many educational resources provided by the Learning Center is ESL instruction for non-native speakers of English who have a serious desire to improve their language skills. Students learn English for daily communication and work. Reading skills are not a requirement for the classes. These courses are free and participants can register any time.

“English-as-a-second language conversation groups have begun again,” said Diane Taylor, Learning Center programs manager. “The groups meet over lunch in the Learning Center on Thursdays at noon, and then again on Fridays at 10 a.m. for two hours of instruction. The skill sets for these students is mixed and community volunteers will be recruited next month to offer additional assistance. The students hail from Russia, Korea, Mexico, Denmark, China, Switzerland, Germany, and Guatemala. Some students have immigrated here, some are here as exchange students, and two individuals are working as au pairs in the community.”

For more information about ESL instruction, call 262-0327.

This column is provided by Suzie Kendrick, advancement programs manager at Kenai Peninsula College.