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Verbatim: Presidential election didn't swing writer's way

Posted: November 18, 2012 - 12:30pm

Many of us were more than a little disappointed with the Nov. 6 presidential election results.

A lot of people, myself included, had hoped that Mitt Romney would win the election. I listened to coverage of the election for a while Tuesday night, and at first it seemed that Romney might have a chance, but unfortunately he did not. While I am definitely not a big fan of Romney, I thought that he would be the better candidate for our president. He wanted to completely remove funding for Planned Parenthood (which I am sure many Americans would have liked to see happen) and cut way back on unnecessary spending.

President Obama, however, in the four short years he has already been President, has already increased our debt so much through his healthcare plan, government bailouts, and unnecessary spending, that he has greatly increased our country’s national debt. He has also driven many industries overseas due to his unreal taxation. He said he was going to create jobs, but instead he has actually lost many jobs by driving companies overseas and creating instead jobs for people overseas. That doesn’t really help our country out.

What will he do in the next four years? He is piling so many taxes on the people that work, that it will become hard for them to keep going. Granted, our country needs to help our seniors, homeless, disabled, and our veterans who have seen combat and been affected by it so that they can no longer provide for themselves.

But what about all of the unemployed persons who “say” they can’t work but really could if they wanted to? Why are we paying taxes so Obama can give them unemployment? The cost of living is already so high that the rest of us cannot continue to support this system. There’s something really wrong with this. The system that was set up with the intent of helping out those who truly cannot provide for themselves has been abused.

It may be too late to change who is in office at the White House, but we still can make a difference.

John Boatright is an 11th-grade home-school student from Nikiski.

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cbeard 11/19/12 - 05:18 pm
Let's dissect this properly.

It's nice to see young people interested in politics, but here's the problem. This kid has written what is basically a summary of all of the hyperbolic right wing mudslinging that the tea party elite have been espousing since Obama took office. There are no specifics, just generalized statements and convoluted talking heads' assertions. This is not good for anybody regardless of their position in the political spectrum. Despite all of that, this kid is already miles ahead in civics and discourse than 99% of adults on the peninsula are now. That aside, I'd like to point out a few things to Mr. Boatright.

1) Like it or not, women in America prefer to have control over their own bodies, and most of these women (not all) believe that personhood begins only when an organism (in this case, a human being) can live, breathe, etc. independently without a host. This means that the defund Planned Parenthood movement popularized by the tea party will repeatedly hit a wall, ESPECIALLY since 95% or more of Planned Parenthood's services constitute of providing cancer screening, general women's medical services, and child abuse and neglect preventing family counseling that many women cannot afford access to. Thousands of women have been able to beat cancer in early stages because of Planned Parenthood. If you disagree with abortion, you can choose to show your opinion by not getting one. Not a woman? Whew! That wasn't much work! If an individual woman does not believe in abortion herself and chooses to bear a child into what other women and doctors say is an undesirable circumstance, then kudos to her for living her life the way she wants to and embracing motherhood.

2) More veterans support the Obama administration when it comes to veterans' affairs. It's not a huge majority albeit and can easily swing the other way, but using a broad group label of "veterans" in your argument against Obama is pointless. You might as well say "voters", and, well, millions more voters did make their non-Romney choice heard on the 6th. The same thing can be said for seniors. Although more senior citizens voted for Romney, it's a loaded group label that means nothing because there's no totality involved.

3) You say Obama is shipping jobs overseas? Romney did it, does it, and admits to it. The practice by which he engages in it is perfectly legal, but you, like me and almost all of America, believe it's unethical. This method is the capital liquidation technique. A particular business will dissolve, lay off workers, and stakeholders will liquidate their capital to the overseas companies or labor agencies. This is done in exchange for foreign investments paid into a *different* company owned by the stakeholder who did the liquidation. With a new name and new label, this company can operate using the cheap labor now overseas free of scrutiny, because of one thing: It's a different company altogether on paper. It is true many businesses get antsy and desire to "jump ship" in the face of higher income taxation, but this must be levied with the founding American principle that people can practice business within the eyes of the law, and the law is set by officials, and the officials are elected by the people. If these businesses don't respect the will of the people, they don't need to be in business here anyways. Have fun in the third world! In times of slow growth, everybody must bear some of the burden. Business executives who claim Obama or Obamacare is the reason they have to cut wages or fire workers are only hurting themselves. A 10% pay cut is a devastating loss to the average worker, but to an executive it represents almost no change in quality of life, and the amount that is cut can equal sparing average workers any further hardships. It's a matter of observing the percentages, not necessarily dollar amounts themsevles, to get an accurate view of what's really going on.

4) Welfare abuse is a problem and nobody disagrees. However, the vilified attempts to block or cut welfare services just to weed out the few abusers is at the expense of the wellbeing of people who need it, and in our day and age of urbanization, a purely capital government without a social-minded backbone will only make rich get richer and poor get poorer. Consider this, is it worth it to shut down a welfare office for a day to investigate one case of welfare fraud when 20 families could have not experienced malnutrition for a week if that office had stayed open? Until the middle and lower classes catch up to the upward mobility of the rebuilding economy (yes it is rebuilding carefully), we need to be mindful of how our time is spent. Time is money.

I strongly urge Mr. Boatright and other young adults to not only go for higher education, but to travel as well. Not to have the mindless fun like the kids do for things like spring break, but to achieve the experience of living in other people's shoes. It does wonders for your own perspective of your own country and home regardless of what core principles you believe in. An American will never truly understand what America is until they've lived abroad among ordinary people for a short amount of time.

Sam Von Pufendorf
Sam Von Pufendorf 11/19/12 - 08:39 pm
A breath of fresh air!

John, a very good opinion piece you have written here. Unfortunately, the facts do not support your talking points. I too was hoping for a Romney presidency, but not for many of the same reasons you did.

The jobs moving over seas has been happening far longer than you have been on this earth. NAFTA and GATT were the start and other free trade agreements have since helped the process.

The Federal debt under Obama and Congress was increased about 85% over the Bush era. The Bush administration deficit was increased in the neighborhood of 170% over Clinton's.

Taxes. Boy... where to start here!?! At one point in our nations history, everyone was taxed at one rate or another. The rate increased progressively with income. The lowest earners paid considerably less than the highest.

As a young voter I will offer you this tidbit. You were born in the information age and yet, as everyone else, you trust the mainstream media for your "information." CNN, FOX and the plethora of other news outlets offer their version of the news. Check their facts as more often than not, they put the desired spin on a news story. Use the internet and go to sites such as, and anything else that offers the closest possible true facts that can be found.

I truly commend you for being involved with the political process. YOU are the future of this nation! YOU will hold the reins of government on some level... whether a voter or a office holder... YOU will inherit OUR mess! But it is important that you know the facts as accurately as possible.

I would like to suggest a short read for you. "Un-Spun: Finding Facts in a World of Dis-Information" I think you will find some interesting points in this book.

Good luck young man! And keep up your civic consciousness!

Some sources for you:

robert white
robert white 11/20/12 - 10:02 am

I was amazed at the number on one issue voters.. 85% of blacks voted for Obama, 75% of Latinos voted for Obama, 75% of gays voted for Obama, 95% of people who got free cell phones from Obama voted for him, 75% of people who are on food stamps voted for Obama. There seem to be a huge shift from whats good for America to whats in it for me...

Sam Von Pufendorf
Sam Von Pufendorf 11/20/12 - 12:47 pm
Voter demographics

Mr White, you sight voter demographics, not issues. Your examples are the poor, on welfare and ethnic groups.
However, I would like to see your source for the number of voters on food stamps. Or was this an assumption?

Norseman 11/20/12 - 01:42 pm
Great response cbeard! Two

Great response cbeard! Two thumbs up!

cormit 11/21/12 - 09:25 am
Here's some advice

John ..... here's a couple of tips that might make you feel a little better. While cbeard did a great job responding to your letter, I would like to offer you some guiding principles.

Learn to become a critical thinker. Listen to what people have to say about issues .... your parents, teachers, politicians, news sources. While these sources of information may have very strong and compelling opinions .... always reserve the final judgement to your own critical thinking.

Tip: We're all entitled to our own opinions ... but we're not entitled to our own facts.

The responsibility to "fact check" is yours, because you have to own what you say and write. It can be very enlightening to do the research and find that much of what we hear from news sources and the internet is not true at all.

Don't accept news from one source. Compare what you are hearing with as many sources as possible, and continue to look for the truth.

Tip: You are what you eat ..... both physically and mentally. Be selective about what you read, hear or watch. Always consider the source. You can't eat everything that tastes good and expect your body to keep what's good for you and pass what's not. Your brain is the same. It's hard enough to keep track of what's factual and what's not.... be selective.

Try not to make claims about stuff until you've had time to do reasonable research. People will judge you by what you say or write .... whether it's true or not.

In your future, you will influence people ........ not because you have a lot to say ... but because what you say is factually correct.

Everything you write .... and post ..... lives forever. Someone will likely look back on what you've written and re-examine it. Be careful about that. It's your future. It's your reputation.

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