Verbatim: Presidential election didn't swing writer's way

Many of us were more than a little disappointed with the Nov. 6 presidential election results.


A lot of people, myself included, had hoped that Mitt Romney would win the election. I listened to coverage of the election for a while Tuesday night, and at first it seemed that Romney might have a chance, but unfortunately he did not. While I am definitely not a big fan of Romney, I thought that he would be the better candidate for our president. He wanted to completely remove funding for Planned Parenthood (which I am sure many Americans would have liked to see happen) and cut way back on unnecessary spending.

President Obama, however, in the four short years he has already been President, has already increased our debt so much through his healthcare plan, government bailouts, and unnecessary spending, that he has greatly increased our country’s national debt. He has also driven many industries overseas due to his unreal taxation. He said he was going to create jobs, but instead he has actually lost many jobs by driving companies overseas and creating instead jobs for people overseas. That doesn’t really help our country out.

What will he do in the next four years? He is piling so many taxes on the people that work, that it will become hard for them to keep going. Granted, our country needs to help our seniors, homeless, disabled, and our veterans who have seen combat and been affected by it so that they can no longer provide for themselves.

But what about all of the unemployed persons who “say” they can’t work but really could if they wanted to? Why are we paying taxes so Obama can give them unemployment? The cost of living is already so high that the rest of us cannot continue to support this system. There’s something really wrong with this. The system that was set up with the intent of helping out those who truly cannot provide for themselves has been abused.

It may be too late to change who is in office at the White House, but we still can make a difference.

John Boatright is an 11th-grade home-school student from Nikiski.