Kenai Peninsula College: Around Campus

Even though winter’s grip is still holding tight, KPC has posted a full slate of courses for the upcoming summer semester. It is important that students know their options as early as possible to ensure that they meet their degree requirements.


There will be 78 courses offered from Kenai Peninsula College campuses; 54 are web-based, making their accessibility more flexible for students during the long days of summer.

Over the past five years, enrollment in KPC’s summer semester has skyrocketed, spurring KPC to add more courses and additional sections of popular general education requirements. Student headcount enrolled in 2008 was 268. By 2012 it grew to 832. At the 2012 fall semester convocation, KPC Director said, “We had more students this summer than we had credit hours in the summer of 2007,” Turner said. “Compared to 2008, head count was up 206 percent and credit hours were up 192 percent this year.”

The summer schedule is available at the KPC website under the Courses and Calendars menu. Priority registration for summer will be available for returning, admitted students on Feb. 25. General, public registration opens March 4. The first day of summer classes will be May 20.

As with all semesters these days at KPC, students are encouraged to register as soon as they are eligible to avoid disappointment. Students who are unsure of where they stand in their pursuit of a degree or certificate, or those who have not yet enrolled in a degree program, are encouraged to seek advising. To make an appointment, call 262-0330 or e-mail:

The popular annual winter health fair will be held on Wed., Feb. 13 from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. in the McLane Commons at KRC. The event is organized by Alaska Health Fair, Inc. in conjunction with the KRC Student Health Clinic.

More than 100 health fairs are held throughout the state every year, providing approximately 17,000 Alaskans with blood screenings and more than 40,000 people health education through interactive learning centers, exhibits, health screenings, demonstrations and health education literature.

Health Fair attendees will have access to many free health screenings including blood pressure measurement, body mass index readings and vision checks.

There will be blood draws available in room 116 of the Ward Building. The low cost, high quality tests available include: comprehensive chemistry/hematology profile (27 tests) that includes a complete metabolic panel, CBC (complete blood count) and lipids for $45; TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) for $30; PSA (prostate specific antigen) for $25; vitamin D level for $50; hemoglobin A1C (measures average blood glucose control for the past 2-3 months) for $25; and ABO/RH blood typing for $20. It is recommended that individuals being tested for the complete metabolic panel fast for 10-12 hours prior to the blood draw and everyone having any blood test should drink lots of water prior to the blood draw.

For more information, please contact Kathy Becher, KPC’s advanced nurse practitioner, at 262-0362 or e-mail

This column is provided by Suzie Kendrick, Advancement Programs Manager at Kenai Peninsula College.