Power School helps parent stay updated

Grades, attendance highlighted on web-based information system

Keeping up with students’ information can be a difficult task. With today’s fast-paced technology, parents of Kenai Peninsula Borough School District students can access grades, attendance and other matters with a click of a mouse or a swipe of a finger on their smart phone.


Power School is a web-based student information system that provides grade management and viewing for teachers, students and parents alike. Teachers are able to record grades and attendance for students and parents to view at home. This is the third year KPBSD has used Power School; previously the district used Edline.

Assistant Superintendent Sean Dusek said the information system is an important tool for KPBSD parents.

“Power school provides easy access to regularly updated information that can also be set to alert parents of any changes in student performance and, or attendance,” he said.

Teachers are required to keep an up-to-date grade book, which in turn communicates student progress to students and parents. Student standards observations are entered as early as kindergarten.

Parents and students can login to the portal at schools, at home or now with an iPad and iPhone app available through the App Store on Apple devices. Contact the student’s school for student and parent passwords to Power School.

The items tracked on Power School include:

— Grades and attendance

current class list

current quarter or semester grades live from teacher grade book

live attendance totals

— Grade history

historical grades

previously earned graduation credits

— Graduation Plan

complete list of current and past credits

graphical summary of credits needed to graduate

High School Qualifying Exam status

— Email notification

sign up for automatic daily or weely emails for:

grade and attendance summary

detail assignment scores

detail attendance

school announcements

lunch balance alert

— APS Scholarship Information

displays student progress towards the Alaska Performance Scholarship

The APS scholarship awards high school graduates up to $4,755 per year

— Career plan

Overview of student’s selections on the AKICIS career planner

Career interests

Education plans

Test scores

— School bulletin

up-to-date information from school administration

— Class registration

Assist students in choosing their class schedules

— Student Fees

List of school fees and remaining balance

— Lunch Planner

lunch account purchase history

trend of amount spent per day

balance projection based on previous spending habits

— Test Scores

Standards Based Assessment results by year

SAT/ACT/Workkeys scores


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