Media affects teens by showing too much too soon

This week I was sitting in the couch with my 91-year- old great grandmother while watching jeopardy and it went onto a commercial break. During commercials we always mute the TV and wait for the show to continue playing. Out of the corner of my eye I see a Burger King commercial and guess what the main subject is? A barely covered up girl with sauce running down her chin to her chest!


How many times have you not been paying attention to what you are actually watching and when you focus in, you realize that there is a half naked woman, or girl on your screen advertising something?

And how many times has someone younger than you seen that? The way the media is advertising things using sexual innuendo as a basis, is causing teens to be corrupted with the idea that showing everything you have is ok and is actually better than keeping things covered up and remaining like a mystery.

This idea is not only introducing sexual thoughts into teenagers minds at an earlier age, but it is letting the adults in our life let things that are quiet inappropriate slide by as if they were as petty as matching your socks. Girls dress showing things that if were rated may be not only rated R but maybe even XXX. Dresses that are a low V, or tight from head to toe, jeans that you are unable to bend over in without ripping, shirts so tight you are unable to breathe, and much worse.

I see girls flaunting everything they have, seeming as if it is absolutely normal. Because that is what the media advertises . But not only does the media advertise it broadly, but they advertise anything related to sex broadly also. How many times are you watching a family movie on TV and one of the many commercials that pop up are something related to sex, birth control, pregnancy tests, sites, or other things like that? Or even Magazines. My friend picked up an addition to People Magazine and flipped through the random pages and found one that had a wonderful color scheme and asked the cashier what it was for. I glanced at the ad and not only was I embarrassed for my friend, I was embarrassed myself! It was an ad for a sexual product I was flabbergausted as was the cashier because he was unsure on how to tell my friend what it was.

In my opinion (not everyone needs to agree) but I think kids are forgetting about being a kid, and being too worried about how attractive they are to the opposite sex, then about simply… Being a kid! Hollister, abercrombie, hot topic, every clothing store advertises by having a half naked model on the bags they use to put the purchased item in. Sex, sex, sex, sex! Ugh! The word annoys me! What happened to having fun and not caring? The term “YOLO” is not meant for things that are advertised, but actually for realizing that you only have ONE life. So why are we spending so much time being frenzied with things that in all honestly shouldn’t even affect us for another… like 5-10 years! Parents, be aware of what you child is seeing in every day items, magazines, ads, commercials, movies, anything. And be sure that you are watching how those are affecting your child. Because in all honesty, it affects so dang much, that we don’t even have the actual time to be a teenager like you did.