Trust is still an important virtue

Something that really gets to me is how much trust a teenager has. Whether it is trusting friends, adults, or even having trust given to them.

As everyone knows last week was Halloween. My original plan was to go on a date, but something had come up and the date was canceled. Although the option of going trick or treating with a young man I value very much and his little brother. My grandmother has never really been very approving of celebrating “Hallow’s Eve” because she knows the meaning behind the day and didn’t like the idea of me going out that night. Although she did genuinely trust me. She knew I wouldn’t go run around town, doing mischievous things or illegal things, so she allowed me to go.

Trust is a huge thing in everyday life. Not only do you need to be trustworthy to do the things you want, but you need to trust others. It isn’t a one way street. Also it isn’t to be taken to an extreme where you tell everyone your personal matters that really should only be talked about in the presence of your close friends and family members. As with being trustworthy, if you have someone; let’s say one of your parents’ and they completely trust you so they let you do things. What happens when you start abusing their trust and say you are going to a friends, and then actually go to a party and they find out you lied to them. That trust will be gone. Poof. And they don’t know if they can trust you with ANYTHING anymore. So make sure to be trustworthy, and value those who you trust.

And if you are one of those people that just read this article and have become aware that you either need to be more trust worthy, or even trust trustworthy people more. Bravo. Kudos to you.


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