Youth today have forgotten how to just be kind

Saying sorry, opening the door for a total stranger, smiling at someone to try to brighten their day, or simply just being kind.


This generation has forgotten how to simply just be kind for no reason, but to simply just be kind. I walk through the Skyview every day and notice how no one is caring or sincere with their actions. Everyone passes by everyone not really seeing how their peers were doing in everyday life. No one asks the student; usually happy and loud, why they are quiet. If anything was wrong. We see kids drop stuff in the halls, but yet we walk by as if nothing happened. These little things are only a few of the simple things that if we were born in a different generation, we would react differently.

Think about your day. How often were you smiled at by a complete stranger? When was the last time you did something for someone simply because they simply required some help? Or did you pass by and not blink an eye as they struggled with a task? Today I dropped my notebook after being pushed by in a hurry due to the bell being about to ring. My papers flew out as it hit the floor and rather than stopping or pushing them towards me; people just walked by stepping on the papers, acting as if nothing happened. This was of no concern of mine, for this was normal behavior I assumed because….

Well that’s what I had seen in all of my schooling experience.

Now the next point I want to put in here may aggregate a few people, or possibly offend. But it’s gonna happen. As most people know in our community, the two high schools are combining with Skyview transitioning over to SoHi.

During the entire ordeal I read many articles, witnessed many outbursts, and seen interviews of students, parents, and alumni from sohi stating what they want at the school. And as a student, this affects me also. But never once…. Were we asked what we want. Sure some may say this is a rant on the transition, but in all honesty. It isn’t, my point is. I think both schools need to stop with the rivalry, start getting along, and grow up. This is life. Get used to it. Character is created through experiences and loses my teacher taught me today.

As a community, we need to be sure to create the best atmosphere possible for this high school next year. Put away our self-pride, and throw out the pity for Skyview students. This is end, is only to start a new beginning.


Melinda Anderson is a student at Skyview High School


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