Options abound after graduation

Well, it definitely looks like summer is here! The trees are starting to get leaves, and the snow is gone. Also, school is almost over! For some of us, this was our last year in school, now we are seniors with just a few days left, and many of us are wondering what in the world we are going to do now that we are done with school. Should we go back to school this fall for another four plus years, or not go to school at all and just start working? And then if you do decide to go to college there are a ton of options there too. Which college should you go to? What do you want to go for? The list goes on and on. I am a senior this year and for the past couple years, I have been looking at some of these options. I have been considering going to a trade school, possibly in Seward, for auto/diesel mechanics. So I started looking into that, and considered it to be a fairly good option. It’s pretty close to home, and I would enjoy working in that field. Then, my dad started telling me about the process technologies program at Kenai Peninsula College. Now there’s that option for me to consider. And then I have had people tell me that I should be a writer, which is something I enjoy, but would I want to be doing it all the time? What to do, what to do. I guess the main point that I would like to make to students, especially seniors, is that there isn’t just one option out there for you to pursue as your career. You can pretty much do or be anything you want to be. Just make sure it’s something you really enjoy, and don’t be in a huge rush to get it figured out. If you take your time choosing your career path, you can have a job that you will thoroughly enjoy until you retire. And you don’t necessarily even have to go to college or a trade school for that. So make the most of the few remaining days at school, and then just have fun exploring the possibilities, which are endless.


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