John Felix and Trixie Lawver

John Felix and Trixie Lawver

On July 18, John Felix and Trixie Lawver from Ashland, Wisconsin, were united in marriage in Soldotna, on the bank of the Kenai River. The wedding was officiated by Art Snell, John’s cousin.  The couple shared a memorable moment when they briefly stepped into the river as they faced each other and recited their vows.

The wedding was a family affair as Art’s wife, Judy, served as the wedding coordinator, Snell’s daughter, Cindy Nagle, was matron of honor, Jake Nagle, Cindy’s husband, was best man. Photography and music was provided by Snell’s daughter, Maribeth.

Friends and family shared cake and champagne on the riverside after the ceremony. The couple are honeymooning on the Kenai Peninsula at undisclosed locations and fishing is involved.


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