FCS World Series of Baseball draws players from all over Alaska

The 8th Annual Frontier Community Services (FCS) World Series of Baseball started out cold and drizzly, but by the end of the day the sun poked through the clouds and the day became as bright as the smiles on faces of the ball players. According to Kathy Kenner, who has been organizing the event for the last six years the world series has continued to grow every year and it was an excellent day for baseball, “Athletes gathered from as far away as Valdez, while others came from all over the Kenai Peninsula to play baseball for one afternoon during the long days of the Alaska summer. Over 80 athletes came together on the Kenai Little League fields on Saturday, June 25 to participate in our Frontier Community Services World Series baseball event,” reported Kathy.


The hard hitting community minded Peninsula Oilers were also on hand and joined in the fun by helping with coaching, hitting and batting. “No one is really sure what the score was at the end of the day, but it didn’t matter. A good time was had by all!

Frontier’s mission is to provide the services needed to empower individuals with developmental disabilities or other disabling conditions to live their lives with dignity, increase their skills, gain independence, obtain their goals and participate in their community.  FCS is committed to bringing baseball to these individuals who would not otherwise have an opportunity to play,” explained Kenner.

Athletes were awarded a medal at the end of the day for their participation as well as a baseball autographed personally by each Peninsula Oiler. “The day became very warm and players went home with a great feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Local and state wide contributors make this day possible, with over 40 sponsors coming together to make the day special for people experiencing developmental disabilities. From the hamburgers and hot dogs to the wheelchair accessible porta potties, the tables and chairs, medals, fresh Alaska Wild salmon grilled to perfection by Julie and Leon Marcinkowski and so much more.

Thanks so much to all our awesome sponsors!” added Kenner.  According to Kathy FCS will continue to bring baseball to athletes with disabilities, “We invite the community to experience this wonderful event and to see first hand what these individuals can do. Forget the peanuts and crackerjacks! Come for the sheer delight on the players faces as they hit a home run, make a play at the plate and just enjoy themselves playing a great game of baseball or having their face and hair dyed for the day. We hope to have over 100 consumers playing next year, anyone with a developmental disability is welcome to come play with us and we hope everyone will join in the fun.”