"It's Time!" Sydney & Shelby Smith release 1st CD at Odies...

Local fans turned out last week at Odies in Soldotna for a CD release party for Sterling's own Sydney & Shelby, the twin Smith sisters. "We've got great parents and we have been singing together since we were nine, we share the same heart and we want the same things for our community, and that comes out in our music," Shelby told the Dispatch in an interview. The twins started singing Christian music with their other sisters Erika and Alecia, "but we didn't start writing our own songs until later in middle school and there were a lot of really bad songs but we left those in our note book," laughed Shelby. "We got better at expressing ourselves and the best of what we are we have recorded on the CD we call 'It's Time," said Sydney.

The 19-year-old twins describe the title of their CD as symbolic of where they feel they are at this point in their lives, "We felt, 'Hey!' we have this gift and we've been doing our music primarily in our basement and like 'it's time' to come out of our basement and do what we feel we're called to do, and it's not just about singing songs we're about building people up and encouraging them with our music. So many songs today are dedicated to bashing society and depressing events, we have produced this album with music to build people up and help them feel positive about life," said Sydney.

Shelby's favorite song on the CD is called "Waiting." "Our friend Adam joined us in recording that song and it's a very good song," she said.

The twins say their plans for the future remain uncertain but they were very encouraged by the turn out at Odies and sold 60 some CD's that night. August 6th they'll be singing at Veronica's in Old Town Kenai and in the meantime their CD is available at Kings Treasures, Veronica's, or on line from I-tunes or amazon.com just by looking for Sydney & Shelby.