Promise Land Plumbing parts the water for your plumbing and heating needs

When winters in the “promised land” reach 40 below zero it’s best to know a trusted plumber to keep the milk and honey flowing and the heating system warm.  Promised Land Plumbing & Heating next to the Salvation Army Store in Kenai is a family operation that promises to meet all your plumbing and heating needs.  “Our name came from my seven year old son Blake who dubbed Alaska ‘The Promised Land’ when we were moving to Alaska from Arizona and our family agrees that God was calling us here,” explained James Merrow.  “This is the Great Land and to leave the packed municipal areas behind us in Phoenix and get up here in the beauty and openness of Alaska is just a blessing for all of us,” agreed James wife and partner Kimberly Merrow.

With school back in session and the chill in the air Merrow says things are starting to get very busy, “The mad rush is on to get those summer projects finished before the snow flies, but we make time for our clients whether it’s commercial or residential and we even help the do-it-yourselfers and generally can get any part or product they need within 24 hours,” added James.  “We provide a professional retail sales counter and our main goal at Promised Land Plumbing and Heating is to provide friendly and reputable quality service and we promise to stand behind our work.  Like our card says, ‘We’ll part the water for all your plumbing and heating needs.  Our other son Brett is also part of our business and he just returned from Bible camp.”

Promised Land Plumbing & Heating specializes in all types of Hydronic Heating, “That’s any kind of heating system that utilizes radiant heat that comes from a boiler,” says James.  They have a 24 Hour emergency service number and James says they respond 24/7 at no extra charge.

Stop by their store in Kenai or give them a call for more information at 335-3326 or by e-mail at