CPH holds drive-through flu shot clinic...

People lined up Wednesday October 12th, last week along Hospital Place St. to take advantage of an opportunity to beat the flu season and get their windshields and headlights washed for free.

According to Dana McDonald Central Peninsula Hospital (CPH) infection prevention specialist, almost 300 adults were vaccinated during the two hour drive-by flu shot clinic, "Last year the first time we did the drive-by clinic, we gave 150 flu shots, and this year it just about doubled as we did 297 shots, with 33 volunteers and 8 student nurses from the UAA school of nursing. It was a perfect fall day and we felt it was a great success," reported McDonald.

CPH Chief Nursing Officer Andie Posey was on hand giving shots along with the student nurses and said the windshield and headlight wash was to promote safety as well as give the folks something extra while waiting in line, "Our volunteers wanted to do a little bit extra to help folks pass the time while waiting as well as remind everyone that visibility is very important this time of year and a clean windshield and headlights help visual acuity during the long winter nights," she said. The beautiful day along an opportunity for a free flu shot and the convenience of a drive-by clinic made for a great turnout, "We had a supply for 300 shots, so we just about maxed out. We have found that if we offer a convenient way for people to come and get a flu shot where they don't even have to get out of their cars, they appreciate it very much and we achieve our goal getting a lot of people vaccinated for the coming flu season and of course keeping people healthy and preventing illness is our goal here at CPH," said Posey.

McDonald said people were already lining up at 3:00pm for the clinic that was scheduled to be held from 4:00pm to 6:00pm, "Bonnie Nichols did a great job getting the word out for this event and we were excited to get as many people as possible in our community vaccinated.

The lines moved quickly thanks to all our volunteers and everyone really had a great time," added McDonald. The cost for the flu vaccine was paid for by CPH as a community service.