Winter Picnic showcases renovated Peninsula Food Bank...

As the mercury dropped outside the warmth inside was as cozy as a summers day at the first ever Winter Picnic at the Peninsula Food Bank on K-Beach Road Sunday November 13th. Volunteer barbeque gourmet Duane Bannock was the only person actually outdoors for the winter picnic, everyone else was inside the renovated Food Bank enjoying burgers and potato salad in the Fireweed diner. "Anyone can barbeque in June and July but it takes it to the next level to come out when it's -20," commented a smoky eyed Bannock.

"The idea was to have the general public who may have missed our ribbon cutting last summer to come by and visit our new facility and enjoy a burger and beans while taking a tour," said Food Bank executive director Linda Swarner. "I have to say this is my first winter picnic," said KPB Assemblyman Hal Smalley, "We've had some early spring picnics when the snow is still around but not a picnic in winter. This is a truly beautiful facility much needed in the community. It's impressive that this facility is growing to meet the growing need in our community and that's wonderful." Long time Food Bank board member Duane Clark was also impressed with the event, "It was a great idea to get people out and acquainted with the new facility which has really increased our capacity to serve the community," he said. Clark also recognized the young volunteers that were helping out at the winter picnic and said the Food Bank also offers opportunities for young people to get involved with their community by volunteering and learning about the needs of others in the community.

According to Swarner between now and November 23rd the Food Bank will be collecting turkeys and hams for holiday gift boxes, "Thanks to our additional freezer capacity this year we are able to do this and thanks to ERA aviation anyone bringing in a t urkey or ham will be entered for a drawing for two free round trip tickets to Anchorage and an overnight at the Millennium Hotel.

Then after Thanksgiving you'll have another chance to win two free ERA tickets by bringing in a turkey or ham before December 24th. We appreciate everyone who helps us throughout the year, this is a generous community where no one deserves to be hungry," she said.