Black Dog Firearms moves to Alaska Maxi Storage on the Spur Highway...

Looking for that perfect rifle or hand gun for the man in your life? Looking for that perfect 12 gage or semi-automatic for the lady in your life? Looking for the perfect gun case or accessory that you know someone needs? Or just need to talk with someone about firearms and their accessories who really know what they're talking about? Then you want to stop in for a visit with Mike Willoya, manager of Black Dog Firearms at their new location on the Spur Highway in the Alaska Maxi Storage Mall. Mike was born and raised in Alaska and migrated to the Kenai Peninsula in 2001.

"We cater to the fire arm enthusiast as well as the typical fire arm owner, the person who has an obsession with the perfection of a fire arm, its components and accessories. We understand that obsession and today a lot of ladies are becoming interested in fire arms and not just in the pretty pink stocks that we have available or in the protection factor, but in the sport of shooting and not just the small calibers but they are confident with the 38 specials, 45mm as well as 12 gage shotguns, they enjoy shooting them and of course people are interested in bear and wildlife protection if they are going to be out in the woods these days whether dad is along or not," Michael told the Dispatch.

Mike also says that at Black Dog Firearms they try to find the gun that they need not necessarily what they want, "I have found with much personal experience that what needed and what I wanted were often two completely different things so I help our customers decide what their use for the particular fire arm is and help them find what would suit them best whether or not it was what they thought they wanted in the first place. It makes for a much more satisfied customer and can end up saving them money in the end. I'd much rather a person be happy with their purchase and get a lot of use from it then simply make a sale and send them out the door with a fire arm that they may not need or enjoy," explained Willoya. Black Dog Firearms is open 11:00am - 6:00pm Monday-Saturday and is located in the Alaska Maxi Storage strip mall on the Spur Highway in Soldotna.