CES Firefighters take kids shopping...

Christmas 2011 will be a lifetime memory for ten kids selected from the local area to go on a $100 shopping spree with their heroes from Central Emergency Services (CES) spending funds donated by the fire fighters, "We gather funds through our local firefighters association that comes strictly out of the firefighters pockets and then select kids who need a little special Christmas help and then bring them to Freddy's for their shopping spree. This is the second year CES has done this and it's really fun, our plan is to bring Christmas, as firefighters we deal with a lot of the bad stuff throughout the year and it's a pleasure for us to get out and bring a smile to the faces of these kids and they do the same for us," said CES firefighter and EMT Joshua Thompson.

There was no criteria for how the kids could spend their $100, but rather than thinking about what they could buy for themselves they shopped for others first, "I bought a Mr. Potato Head and Super buddy pets for my nephew, lotion for my mom, a movie for my dad, and water colors and paper for my sister," exclaimed 12-year-old Calvin without having anything in his cart for himself. "I think Calvin put a lot of thought into it and was ready when we took off and knew right where to find it all," added Thompson.

Just as the shopping spree was about to get underway last Thursday a fire call came in and half of Santa's helpers responded with the ladder truck and some CES emergency vehicles, "It wasn't a major event and we had enough off duty volunteers to get the shopping done and we plan on doing it again next year, and in the meantime all of us at CES wish everyone a happy and especially safe New Year!" said Thompson.